Ignorance Is Not Bliss (Proverbs 1:22)

Not to worry about Iranian nukes because Obama says Iran told him so

by Bob Taylor Feb 12, 2015
Is President Obama naive when it comes to Nuclear Weapons and Iran?
President Obama, President Rhoutani, and Imam Khamenei
President Obama, President Rhoutani, and Imam Khamenei
CHARLOTTE, NC, February 11, 2015 – Barack Obama told us point blank in one of the presidential debates with John McCain that he would attempt to negotiate with Islamists.
It was a naïve statement then, and it is still naïve today, even though Obama has been president for more than six years.

In a press conference with Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, Obama said on Monday that he a believes a deal can be struck with Iran regarding their nuclear weapons program because it would be “contrary to their (Iran’s) faith to obtain a nuclear weapon” according to Supreme Leader Khamenei.

The Islamic faith in its purest sense follows a blueprint laid out by the Prophet Muhammad in the Koran. As a point of reference for Mr. Obama, difficult as it may be to believe, there is no mention whatsoever of nuclear weapons in the Koran.

The Arabic word for non-believers is kuffar, of whom the primary goal of is Islam is to eradicate them from the face of the earth. Yet in Obama-world the president believes he is able to negotiate with Iran in “good faith.”

What Mr. Obama does not understand, or more accurately refuses to accept, is that “good faith” for Islamic extremists is “bad faith” for the rest of the world.

As Winston Churchill once so brilliantly observed, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Sadly there are no Winston Churchill’s alive today. At least none who are capable of dealing with the cancer of global terrorism.

In an interview with VOX.com that was done in January but not released until earlier this week, Obama downplayed the threats of global terrorism and said that we needed to tackle more urgent problems such as climate change.

As Obama, and others following his lead, suggest, Islamic extremism is not a problem because the United States is not under an immediate threat. In other words, the rest of the world can go to hell as long as the U.S. is not in danger.

That is no different than the personal approach Obama takes to everything. Healthcare is not something he personally has to worry about so the rest of the country be damned. You can transpose that philosophy to everything else he does, including the way he runs the country.

In his bestselling novel Inferno, author Dan Brown cites the writings of Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Since President Obama is intent on making references to the Middle Ages with his recent remarks about the Crusades, perhaps a quote from Dante is also appropriate in which he writes, “The path to paradise passes directly through hell.”

That seems to be Obama’s approach to foreign policy. Make the world tread through hell in order to be rewarded in the afterlife. That, too, by the way, is what Islamists believe.

As one character in the novel poignantly observes, “Someone needs to fight this war or this is our future. (referring to grisly images writhing in the agony of hell) Mathematics guarantees it. Mankind is hovering in a purgatory of procrastination and indecision and greed (emphasis added)…but the rings of hell await, just beneath our feet, waiting to consume us all.”

Those “rings of hell” are rippling throughout the Middle East just like a stone that is thrown into a placid lake. And the rings are multiplying. Whether they directly affect our country now or somewhere in the distant future, the time has come to halt the menace of global terror and the spread of Islamic jihad before it is too late.

Barack Obama’s calculus is to hold on to the ledge of the cliff by his fingertips until someone else takes his place. The president has no stomach for dealing with international conflicts, especially those involving Islam.

We speak mostly of ISIS these days with less focus on a group called Boko Haram. Roughly translated Boko Haram means that “Western education is a sin.”

The word haram in Arabic means “a sin or something that is forbidden by Allah.”

Therefore, though it is impossible for nuclear weapons to be mentioned in the Koran, if Iran does indeed determine that such weapons are necessary to destroy the kuffar, then they cannot be haram in the eyes of Allah.

And therein lies further evidence of Barack Obama’s naivete.

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