Trouble Before the First Nuclear War: Revelation 8

New Nuclear Troubles in Southern Asia?

While China, India, and Pakistan have long had competitive and often antagonistic relationships, the significant transformation of each nation’s nuclear capabilities over the past decades now complicates—and in some ways mitigates—their geopolitical rivalries. How have the nuclear transformations in the region fostered stability amid heightened risk? And what do these ongoing changes mean for the ever-intricate web of global competition and alliances?

Join Carnegie for the launch of Ashley J. Tellis’ new report “Striking Asymmetries: Nuclear Transitions in Southern Asia” which studies the implications of China’s dramatic nuclear expansion, Pakistan’s striking diversification of its nuclear arsenal, and India’s slow nuclear modernization. Featuring Ashley J. Tellis, Rabia Akhtar, Rakesh Sood, and Tong Zhao, moderated by Evan A. Feigenbaum.

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