Chessmaster wins first round against the European Nuclear Horn

NATO urged to WITHDRAW nuclear weapons from Europe in plan that will hand ‘win’ to Putin

NATO has been urged to withdraw its nuclear weapons from Europe in what has been described as a “win” for Putin “which costs us nothing worth having”.

Russian Generals ‘think they achieved nuclear strike’ says Rudik

The positioning of the military alliance has been the cause of much controversy regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Pope Francis suggested the conflict was “perhaps somehow provoked”, recalling a conversation in which he was warned NATO was “barking at the gates of Russia”.

Others have speculated that Vladimir Putin might have been prompted by his alleged flailing health.

Cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker has put forward what he has termed a “bold idea” to bring the ongoing conflict to an end.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “NATO offers to withdraw nukes from Europe (militarily useless, ineffective deterrents as we’ve just seen, and recklessly dangerous) in return for ending the invasion.

“Putin gets a ‘win’ which costs us nothing worth having.”


Nuclear Information Project Director Hans Kristensen agreed that this would be “bold indeed”.

He wrote: “I agree US nukes in Europe are a ‘militarily useless, ineffective deterrent’, but NATO didn’t try to deter anything with them in Ukraine and Putin’s invasion is making NATO double down on keeping them. And the nukes are not important enough for Putin to agree to that.”

@lulzwow923 added: “This particular idea isn’t very good, but if nothing else articles like this help to get people into the headspace for making strategic compromises, something that will probably be necessary to conclude things without a wider war.”

Mr Pinker has, however, received some backlash to his post from other social media users.

US political official Ron Nehring described the idea not as “bold” but “stupid”.

He criticised the proposal in a post on Twitter for “rewarding aggression”, which he said “only emboldens the aggressor”.

Mr Nehring added: “Once he forces you into this trade, he’ll force you into anotherj, and another, until you have nothing left to give him.

“At about three rounds of your strategy he’ll have Alaska back.”

Russia vs Ukraine: the stats

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