The China Nuclear Horn Antes Her Nukes: Daniel 8

Nightmare For US? China Follows Russia’s Footsteps; Developing Its Own Nuclear-Powered ‘Super Torpedoes’

July 23, 2022

Russia announced a giant nuclear torpedo called ‘Poseidon’ in 2010, capable of hitting coastal cities and wreaking havoc with its nuclear warhead, sparking concerns in the United States. In what could come as another nightmare for the US, China has also decided to join the club and create its mini-version of the Russian Poseidon.

A research team in Beijing recently claimed to have finished the conceptual design for a compact, inexpensive nuclear reactor that would propel a swarm of torpedoes across the Pacific Ocean in about a week, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.

The assertions were made in a peer-reviewed Journal of Unmanned Undersea Systems report, a journal published by the largest navy contractor in China, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

The Chinese researchers are reportedly proposing to develop a miniature version of the Poseidon autonomous submarine of Russia, the first known underwater drone driven by nuclear energy.

Once developed, these Chinese torpedoes might be able to hit American targets by crossing the Pacific in over a week without getting detected in their course.Russia’s Poseidon Torpedo (via Twitter)

Russia’s Poseidon had become focused this year when Russian President Vladimir Putin activated his strategic nuclear forces and threatened a nuclear attack. This underwater mega-weapon system was a weapon of choice if Russia chose to launch a nuclear attack.

Poseidon is an Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo. Even though it is slower than an ICBM, it might be unstoppable and makes up for Russia’s most formidable strategic weapons. The Chinese, however, maintain that their mini-torpedo would be different than Russia’s.

According to the Chinese researchers, the mini version could be placed into a typical torpedo tube and launched in huge numbers from virtually any submarine or battleship, in contrast to the Poseidon, which cannot be mass-produced because it is too massive, expensive, and destructive.

Each torpedo would launch and maintain its cruising speed of over 30 knots (56 km/h or 35 mph) for 200 hours using a disposable nuclear reactor before being dropped to the seafloor. Then, it will use a battery to power a conventional weapon strike. This indicates that China does not want to use a nuclear warhead.

Guo Jian, the lead scientist from the China Institute of Atomic Energy, said that their design differs significantly from Poseidon in several ways.

He elaborated that thanks to its high flexibility and low cost, the unmanned underwater vehicle coupled with the nuclear power system can be deployed as a conventional force like an attack nuclear submarine rather than as a nuclear missile.

The Poseidon’s two-megaton nuclear weapon is 100 times more potent than the Hiroshima bomb and can destroy a coastal city or a larger area. However, using such a weapon could start a nuclear war that would end the world, making the development of many such systems unlikely.

Sakshi Tiwari has studied journalism from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication and holds a masters’ degree in Defence and National Security. An avid defense enthusiast, she can be reached at

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