Antichrist calls for a joint condemnation to end sedition

Sayyed Al-Sadr calls for a joint condemnation to end sedition


Leader of the Sadrist movement Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr demanded on Monday, a joint condemnation to end the sedition.

“As father said, “In my death, there is a mouthful and joy for Israel and America, and I also say: There is a mouthful and joy in my death for Israel, America, the terrorists and the corrupt. But, the most amazing thing is that the threat comes from (the Dawa Party), which is affiliated with al-Sadr family, and from their chief al-Maliki, a Shiite party claiming its demand for the strength of the sect,” said Al-Sadr in a tweet on his account on “Twitter”, followed by the Iraqi News Agency – INA.

He added, “So, from here, I call for extinguishing the sedition via a joint condemnation by the leaders of the blocs allied with him on one hand and by the elders of his tribe on the other. As well as, the condemnation is not limited to accusing me of working for Israel or accusing me of killing Iraqis even though I protected the blood of Iraqis, including al-Maliki in a previous clash as he was the order starter and the ender.”

“Yes, not only that, but more importantly, his attack on the Iraqi security forces and accusing the Popular Mobilization Forces of cowardice and inciting sedition and Shiite-Shiite fighting, as it was said that in subsequent leaks, he will transgress even the Marja’, and God is All-Knowing,” he pointed out.

His tweet also included, “I am innocent before God and the people of any transgression against him and of any use of violence against him, as it is possible that a third party will intervene to fuel sedition, and I am innocent of it until the Day of Judgment.”

“I advise him to declare seclusion and retire from political work as to resort to seeking forgiveness or surrender himself and those who seek refuge from the corrupt to the judicial authorities, perhaps it will be a repentance for him before God and the Iraqi people, so he has no right after these destructive ideas to lead Iraq in any way, but rather this is ruin and destruction for Iraq and its people,” said Al-Sadr.

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