Is the US falling behind Russia and China Nuclear Horns: Daniel 8

Is the US falling behind Russia and China in developing weapons

Yesterday, 10:00 PM

Location: Old Mother Idaho

The 3 nations have all followed different paths.
Russia concentrated on nuclear weapons and prepared for large battles to be fought in the open terrain of the steppes. They followed a defensive strategy, to make Russia too strong to invade.

The USA concentrated less on nuclear weaponry, and more on nuclear power, added great depth to our air, sea and land forces, and after WWII, have concentrated on a power forward aggressive strategy, taking the battle to the enemy first.

The Chinese are playing catch-up, developing both an aggressive, forward strategy and a defensive strategy that doesn’t depend on enormous human numbers.

The United States concentrates on weaponry that is reliable and effective. That means some of our best weapons aren’t the most advanced in terms of new technology, but are older designs at their peak of effectiveness through steady refinement, often under actual battle conditions.

Advanced weaponry such as hypersonic missiles are often much more show than go. They sound threatening, but every super-weapon ever made has always been countered with an adequate defense against it. 
The more complicated a weapon’s technology becomes, the more hidden vulnerabilities it has to something that’s older and simpler.

We learned that lesson very vividly a few years ago. The Swedish Navy is tiny, befitting the small size of the nation. Sweden is too small to afford a large Navy, but the Swedes are fully savvy to modern technology and they have good engineers that know how to make good weapons.
Submarines are best-buys for small Navies. Since the Swedes can’t afford a nuclear navy, they concentrated on designing a diesel-powered sub that has a completely new engine design that makes the sub both silent and able to renew its air supply internally.

A few years ago, the sub was tried out in a NATO exercise agains our most advanced battle carrier group. The aircraft carrier was our newest, and it was protected in 3D, with aircraft above, advanced surface battle ships- a new cruiser, several new destroyers, and other vessels, and 2 hunter-killer submarines below.

The Swedish Captain was a lady, the engineer who designed the sub’s engine. She was able to penetrate the carrier’s defenses and surfaced so close to the carrier it could have been struck by a thrown rock. Using old technology that had overlooked capabilities.

It’s apparent now that asymmetric warfare is the most potent threat to our national security. It’s never the latest weapons that win today’s wars; its the weaponry that is the most dependable and the easiest to use

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