Chilling simulation of Revelation 16

Chilling simulation shows what will happen if Russia and US launched full nuclear war

A nuclear war between Russia and the US would trigger a “Little Ice Age” lasting thousands of years, according to new research.

It has been reported that firestorms would release soot and smoke into the upper atmosphere that would block out the Sun, resulting in crop failure around the world.

In the first month following explosions, average global temperatures would plunge by about 13 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than during the most recent Ice Age.

The Ice Age ended 11,700 years ago and lasted more than 100,000 years, making the world about 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder than today.

Lead author Dr Cheryl Harrison, of Louisiana State University, said: “It doesn’t matter who is bombing whom. It can be India and Pakistan or NATO and Russia.

“Once the smoke is released into the upper atmosphere, it spreads globally and affects everyone.”

Russian Defence Ministry on April 20, 2022 shows the launching of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile(Russian Defence Ministry/AFP via)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought the threat to the fore. The study is based on multiple regional and large-scale computer simulations.

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