Russia’s nuclear Poseidon: Revelation 16

Russia’s nuclear Poseidon—final part

Saturday, June 4th, 2022


The following, our dear readers of this column, I find to be of much interest, for the reason that, as I have mentioned before, the analysis is from an American who expresses what he knows publicly, not only to the Americans of the United States but also to the world, on the issues involving NATO, Russia and the People’s Republic of China. Here is the final part of Chris Sanders’ “BIO-BIDEN TIMELINE SINCE 1991 | RUSSIA’S POSEIDON NUCLEAR”, published on the American News Network’s YouTube page and dated May 6, 2022. It is as follows:

If you’ve lost somebody in your life, the United States government, right here is directly responsible for their war on injections. Now, I also heard from the injections too that they did three different types in some of these big injections. Type one, placebo. Type 2, the actual injection. Type 3 might have parts of medical, all this metal, and all this other stuff into it… Okay? 2016, the DTRA and Ukraine’s Health Ministry extended the contract after getting approval from the Ukrainian Defence Ministry. So, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry is actively participating in bioweapons research with the United States Department of Defense. I’m telling you this is wrong. This is a crime against humanity for the people that do, do it. You should be hung for crimes against humanity. How dare you? How dare you mess with the lives of innocent people because your little inventions could go out of whack and we could all wind up dead…

Now, remember, when he evacuated from Afghanistan, he gave the enemy the Taliban all of our war weaponry, all this war weaponry that’s going to be used all over there across the world. That is part of the main thing. I’ll go into other stories that are pretty important for America and our security here at home. As you know, he just visited Raytheon in Lockheed Martin and he wanted to say, “hey, thank you for your javelins. They’ve been so great and thank you for your stingers.” I’m going to tell you what the response was. You know what they said? They said, “Mister Biden, you’ve given away 33% of our javelins and you’re giving away 25% of our stingers and China’s cut us off from electronics and we can’t build these anymore. So, please stop giving them away. You might need them here at home.” Did you know that? And this jackwagon, he wants to give the other 50 percent, he wants to give all of our war weaponry away. I’m glad he visited Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and they told him, “look, stop it, and the fact that all of our information is public, like that exposes us, and the only one laughing is Putin, and I’m going to tell you about this war weapon so you understand how it works.

Since it’s nuclear-powered, it doesn’t have to be a torpedo anymore. Literally fired from a sub. I believe that the Soviet, excuse me, I believe that Russia has put 15 of these in the Northern Hemisphere and fifteen of these in the Southern Hemisphere. And they have the ability to move for years at a very slow, deep, altitude in the ocean. To where a sub can’t even go that deep. But when they want to attack, then they’re going to go 120 miles an hour. And let me tell you, in the water, that is super, super fast. And they’re going to go 120 miles an hour. A cobalt nuclear bomb’s going to happen. So again, where they’re going to hit America is with this: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and they’re going to hit us there hard because that jet stream will move across the United States. So, when they threatened Great Britain and Ireland, okay, I thought of us at home here and I was like, huh, and he was explaining how that jet stream would move it over. Because of that, then, there’s a scenario they show in New York. Mm. They’re not anticipating New York with this weapon, I don’t think. I think they’re always going to hit a place from the West Coast, but that also brings up Israel, okay? Israel, you have a West Coast too. They’re very easily going to give you a nuclear wave while Iran is given nuclear weapons.

Now, I’m going to explain to you what America’s doing and why, even if you’re an American, if we reverse this, what our government was doing, you’d be extremely pissed off. Let’s say Putin gave nuclear missiles to Mexico and Mexico really didn’t like us. Would that make you happy? No, it wouldn’t. It would remind us of like the Cuban situation with Kennedy. For those of you that are old enough to remember that, but that’s not many. So, it’s happening today and today, we have a nuclear threat… and that’s also I believe why we’re seeing all of this talk about Roe versus Wade now, because they’re trying to create as many smoke and mirrors as they can so that we’re not scared and we don’t think about the truth. This is the largest bomber in the world, folks. It can hold these 200 megaton bombs which our B2s don’t. Our nukes are much more small. So, this guy’s got more nuclear bombs than we do and more ways to deliver it. So, this is something that he’s going to be doing Europe, and it looks like a bigger B2 bomber. And these are flying in the air right now. Is he doing it because he’s not serious about it? I really don’t think so. And that’s pretty much the update for everybody here. God bless and hopefully, you know, hopefully I’ll see you soon

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