Pakistan will never compromise on its nuclear program: Daniel 8

Pakistan will never compromise on its nuclear program: General Nadeem Raza


June 6, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC) General Nadeem Raza delivered keynote address during the seminar on “Regional Environment and Imperatives of Security” at the NUST Institute of Policy Studies (NIPS) in Islamabad.

Students, academics and distinguished experts from different parts of the Country participated.

Commenting on the regional security environment, the Chairman JCSC – who is also the Deputy Chairman of the National Command Authority (NCA) – reiterated the significance of Pakistan’s nuclear capability as the guarantor of deterrence and defense of the motherland.

The Chairman JCSC said, “Pakistan’s nuclear program enjoys across the board support of all political parties and the people of Pakistan. The NCA, with all its political and military leadership, stands firm for the strategic program.”

The Chairman asserted that national security is indivisible and assured that under no circumstances shall Pakistan allow a compromise on its nuclear program.

General Nadeem Raza said, “Pakistan is a confident and responsible nuclear power. It pursues the policy of full spectrum deterrence within the precincts of credible minimum deterrence. Our national security and safety architecture meets all national and international obligations and caters for all kinds of scenarios.”

The Chairman JCSC concluded, “As a norm in other nuclear-capable nations, unnecessary and unfounded views on the strategic program should be avoided. When necessary, NCA is the right forum to issue specific responses or views.”

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