Comes World War III; Nuclear War Is Coming’: Revelation 16

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Russian Pundit: ‘Next Comes World War III; Nuclear War Is Coming’

A Russian political science pundit says the West boasting about the continued shipping of lethal aid to Ukraine is going to ultimately lead to World War III and nuclear war.

“[The West] talk about how many more weapons are being sent and how frightening these weapons are, they don’t understand what happens next,” political scientist Sergey Mikheyev told Russia’s Channel 1, according to an Express translation. “They all say ‘terrible weapons are arriving over there, they keep coming and coming.'”

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told Newsmax in an exclusive sitdown interview in Kyiv this week that he has promised the medium-range HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) will only be used in Ukraine to defend their territory – and not to launch attacks in Russia.

“I know some of the people in the United States are saying, or people in the White House are saying we might be using them to attack Russia: Look, we’re not planning to attack Russia,” he said. “We’re not interested in the Russian Federation. We’re not fighting on their territory.

“We have the war on our territory. They came to our country. We want to de-block our cities.”

But the Russian pundit is skeptical.

“They promised not to use them a certain way, but most likely they will do it anyway, and that will lead to World War III,” Mikheyev continued. “Then we’re being told ‘calm down, comrades, everything will be alright.’

“Those guys will send weapons and so will others. They will most likely try to use them.”

Vladimir Putin had issued threats at the start of his “special military operation” Feb. 24, saying anyone country attempting to “interfere” with Russia’s actions in Ukraine would face serious “consequences.”

The Russian pundit says the latest weapons assistance is going to lead to World War III.

“A common man asks, ‘What happens next?'” Mikheyev concluded. “Next comes WW3.

“The nuclear war is coming, that’s all.”

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