China Sends A Warning to Babylon the Great: Daniel


China Conducts Military Exercises as Warning for US-Taiwan Collusion

 1 day ago  June 1, 2022

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The Chinese military conducted a combat “readiness patrol” in the vicinity of Taiwan seas and airspace, according to a statement by the military on Wednesday. China said that these military maneuvers were ordered in response to the “collusion” happening between Washington and Tapei.

Beijing has been particularly unhappy with US support for Taiwan and its latest announcement by President Joe Biden, which offered the island military support under the Taiwan Relations Act and signaled a change in American policy towards its “strategic ambiguity” over Taiwan.

In a statement, the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theatre Command said that “recently, the United States has frequently made moves on the Taiwan issue, saying one thing and doing another, instigating support for Taiwan independence forces, which will push Taiwan into a dangerous situation,” the command added.

The command stated that Taiwan is part of China. As such, Chinese troops have continued to strengthen their military training and preparations to impede interferences from external forces’ and actions by those who support Taiwan’s independence. China has not stated the date of when the drills had taken place.

On Monday, however, Taiwan claimed that China conducted the largest incursion into its airspace since January. Despite that claim, the Air Defence Identification Zone confirmed that Chinese aircraft have not been flying in Taiwan’s airspace. A broader area Taiwan monitors and patrols allowed Taiwanese fighters to warn away 30 aircraft, said the defense ministry.

Previously, China’s Foreign Ministry accused US Secretary of State Antony Blinken of “smearing” the nation on Friday, following his speech asking for steps to “counteract Beijing’s influence”.

In his address, Blinken claimed that China intends to “reshape the international order” in a broad address on Thursday, calling for a “global order defense”.

At a routine news briefing, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Blinken’s speech “spreads false information, exaggerates the China threat, interferes in China’s internal affairs, and smears China’s domestic and foreign policies.”

Source: Agencies (edited by Al-Manar English Website)

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