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Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts Have Had 30 Earthquakes Since May 2021

Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts Have Had 30 Earthquakes Since May 2021

Published: May 17, 2022

It’s not something we think about here in New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts because earthquakes and New England aren’t synonymous.  I mean that’s a California thing, you know?  But get this:

Maine had 10 between mid-April and mid-May, New Hampshire follows with 10 since mid-January and Massachusetts has had or felt 10 since May, 2021.   And that’s as of the date of this article.

Tomislav Zivkovic

The reason I decided to look into earthquakes in this region is because Massachusetts experienced three small quakes that hit off the coast of Rhode Island that strong enough to feel.  Those three hit on May 14th and May 15th with magnitudes between 2.2 and 2.5 according to Earthquake Track. 

Earthquake Track

That’s ten earthquakes in the last year in Massachusetts according to Earthquake Track.

Here’s the readout for the Granite State that has had ten earthquakes in the last four months.  Who knew?  Maybe you did know earthquakes happen more then we know but they’re just minor enough that we have no idea localized seismic activity is literally happening right under our feet.

Personally this has been a teaching moment for me to learn that earthquakes aren’t that uncommon, they’re just minor in New England.

And now to Maine we go with quite the activity as well.  Like I mentioned above, Maine has had 10 earthquakes in the last month.

Here’s a link to follow New Hampshire earthquakesMaine earthquakes, and Massachusetts earthquakes because as we know, we don’t always feel them or we notice something but we aren’t sure what.

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