The Growing Australian nuclear horn: Daniel 7

US, UK, Australia vow to cooperate on hypersonic weapons

Issued on: 06/04/2022 – 07:52

London (AFP) – The United States, Britain and Australia said Tuesday they would begin collaborating on hypersonic missile strike and defence capacity, as rivals Russia and China advance rapidly in the cutting-edge technology.

The trio said they would work on hypersonics in an expansion of their recent AUKUS defence alliance, which is to equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines to counter China’s growing military clout.

They pledged “new trilateral cooperation on hypersonics and counter-hypersonics, and electronic warfare capabilities” in a statement by US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Hypersonic missiles can travel more than five times the speed of sound and manoeuvre in mid-flight, making them much harder to track and intercept than traditional projectiles.

They may carry conventional or nuclear warheads.

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