Rocket attack on Babylon the Great

A handout picture shows a damaged stationary aircraft on the tarmac of Baghdad airport, after rockets reportedly tragetted the runway, on January 28. Photo:  Facebook page of Iraqi Ministry of Transportation

Rocket attack on Baghdad airport damages civilian plane

A+ A-ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A rocket attack targeting Baghdad airport has damaged a civilian plane, Iraqi airways announced on Friday morning.

“Iraqi Airways confirms that the rocket attack that targeted Baghdad International Airport at dawn today, Friday, damaged one of the company’s out-of-service planes perched in the vicinity of the airport,” read a statementfrom the Iraqi ministry of transportation.  

Local media outlets reported at least six rockets having targeted the vicinity of Baghdad airport, which houses the Victoria base hosting US troops in the early hours of Friday.

A security source confirmed to AFP that six rockets fell on civil installations at the airport, damaging a stationary plane.

Baghdad’s Green Zone and other US facilities in Iraq are often attacked with rockets. Pro-Iran militia groups have been widely blamed for most of the attacks. 

The combat mission of the US-led global coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS) ended late December and their role has been changed to an advisory one. However, Popular Mobilization Forces’ (PMF) leaders have called for the complete withdrawal of US troops in the country, threatening to target them if they stay. 

The attack comes following another rocket attack that targeted the parliamentary speaker’s residence on Tuesday night.

Several attacks took place against offices of political parties and figures following the first parliamentary session earlier this month. 

No group has taken responsibility for any of the recent attacks, the perpetrators are strongly believed to also be pro-Iran groups opposed to the October 10 parliamentary elections results and the election of the parliament leadership.

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