The END GAME: Revelation 16

The New Great Game and Shifting Alliances: U.S., India, Russia, China, and Pakistan

The original Great Game was played out in the 19th Century, between Britain and Russia in Afghanistan, an ever-shifting military, economic, and geopolitical competition, which often took the form of proxy wars, with the great powers backing local forces, to fight one another. Today, the region is host to an even larger and more complex Great Game, with implications for the fate of the modern world, as it is being played out between several of the world’s largest, nuclear-capable, armies: the United States, India, Russia, China, and Pakistan.The Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party publication reported that “China does not have allies, but has friends with partnership diplomacy.” This is especially applicable to Russia, China’s largest, most powerful would-be-ally. Although the two giants have some cooperation agreements in place, and they sometimes work together on issues of mutual interest, their cooperation is extremely limited. The imbalance in their wealth means that China would have to fund their joint projects. However, Beijing does not seem prepared to start writing the necessary checks. China’s vision for a China-led world-order would relegate Russia to second fiddle on a China-dominated planet. This seems a proposition Vladimir Putin would never accept.

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