China’s Newest Nuclear Weapons: Daniel 7

China creates hypersonic plane with the technology of its new nuclear weapon

12/14/2021 – 05:00  Updated: 12/14/2021 – 16:04

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Photo: Musk wants to save animals from extinction with a new Noah's ark.  (SpaceX)

After surprise the Pentagon and the United States government With the success of a hypersonic nuclear weapon whose behavior defies the laws of physics, China will use the same technology to design and manufacture a hypersonic airliner with the aim of having regular lines with which to fly to any part of the world in an hour. 

The project – which was announced by China some time ago but which no one took seriously before the test of its hypersonic glider – aims to have new engines running in 2025, a 10-passenger model for military use in 2035 and a 100-passenger aircraft in 2045. Elon Musk wants to launch ships full of animals to Mars 

Omar kardoudi

A state project

The final aircraft will be 45 meters long and will be a third larger than the Boeing 737. The team that is developing it – which, according to the official South China Morning Post, brings together the best engineers of the Chinese space program who have taken the country to Mars and the Moon – affirms that its wings will be in the shape of a delta, like the Concorde, but pointed up. Unlike the Concorde, however, its air-powered engines will be on the wings, not under them. 

Its top speed could reach 19,310 kilometers per hour, a statement that today seems impossible because it is still the necessary materials do not exist. What we do know is that the Chinese hypersonic glider arrived withto reach Mach 6 speed.3D model of the hypersonic passenger plane based on the Chinese secret weapon. 

The SCMP assures that the research work published in the scientific journal Physics of Gases describes that the aerodynamic model used successfully in the Chinese secret weapon had to be modified by the team of Professor Liu Riu, from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Riu – who was one of the leaders of the missions of the Martian rover and the robotic collection and return of lunar rocks – affirms that the results of this research will not only result in a hypersonic plane but also may use experience in other aspects of your space programs

At work, says the SCMP, they claim they will be able to join any two points on the planet in one hour.

The chinese don’t joke

Although all propaganda news from China must be taken with healthy skepticism, we are certain that the Asian country is advancing in an unexpected way. Since the Asian country has demonstrated with facts the advances of its space program and hypersonic weapons, only an idiot could laugh at a amazing progress that seemed impossible hardly a decade ago except for other scientists who have observed the meteoric advance of the investigations published in scientific journals of international prestige. An image of research work on the plane. 

The Chinese missions to the Moon have been successful and their rover continues to explore the far side of our satellite. They are also the only country after the United States He has been able to solve the difficult challenge of landing a rover on Mars without crashing. And he did it the first time, something that even the US did not achieve in its day. Its new space station, which will grow in the coming years to compete with the ISS, is the only one that uses ion engines to stay and maneuver in orbit. 

Finally, the test of its hypersonic glider with the ability to launch missiles in flight has been the finishing touch. It has left space and intelligence agencies across the globe speechless. So much so that the situation is comparable to first bars of the space race, when the Soviet Union took the lead for several years until the Americans began launching their Saturn rockets. 3D model of the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird, the SR-72 hypersonic drone. (Lockheed Martin) 

On that occasion, President Kennedy united the entire country to reach the moon in record time and destroy the communist dictatorship, an empire that was crumbling behind the scenes and whose space program imploded with the death of astronautics titan Sergei Korolev. This time, unfortunately, the United States is a divided country without a north while China continues to advance in record time. By far Elon Musk and SpaceX, the future – and in some cases present – Chinese absolute dominance in disciplines such as astronautics, robotics, artificial intelligence or hypersonic flight seems, for the moment, inevitable.

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