The Pakistani Horn is Incapable of Protecting Citizens

A nation Incapable of Protecting Citizens

The minorities of the country perpetually face viciousness and oppression without anyone in the system being held accountable

Pakistan is synonymous with state failure. A country that is dysfunctional in its economy and internal administration. Their political leadership is often known for its lackadaisical demeanour and uninformed about relevant world affairs. This singular country is responsible for most of the terror outfits that pose looming danger to world stability and security. The state system is broken in all aspects and seems incapable of suppressing or eliminating insurgents in their own country, the reason for the same draws backs to many decades of corruption.
Pakistan is a contradiction by itself, it is allies with the world powers to counter global terrorism but yet provides safe havens to the most wanted and dangerous terrorists. It has the perfect recipe for disaster – radicalization on the basis of religion, nuclear capable weapons, a long-standing history of internal turmoil and military rule and a failed political leadership. It has had witnessed four resignations of president’s rule which by itself is a red flag of a failed state.
The failing state of Pakistan is known for its weak economy and social conditions in addition to its crumbling infrastructure. In the past year the Pakistan government is infamous for harassing human rights guardians and other societal groups. Pakistan has used draconian laws to shun lawyers and activists that opposed government polices to stifle dissent among the local populace.
The minorities of the country like the transgender society perpetually face viciousness and oppression without anyone in the system being held accountable. The attacks by the local militants threaten the people to voice their opinion the against the defunct machinery.
In order to define what a failed state truly means that a county has lost total control over its terrority and governance as defined by Noam Chomsky in his book ‘Failed States: Abuse of power & assault on democracy’ first published in 2006. The trust deficit with other nations on the international forum is prominent that other countries have no ability to interact with Pakistan with sheer trust. State failure indicates that the country is incapable of protecting its own citizens from malevolence and internal aggression. In addition, these internal aggressions have trans-border impacts that monopolizes the use of kinetic power in a disturbed area that shares a boundary with a failed nation. Pakistan in its true sense suffers from a democratic deficit that is incapable of maintaining a trust equilibrium within its own people.
The US based magazine ‘Foreign Policy’ since 2005 is well renowned for publishing its ‘Failed States Index’. The index depicts five types of intensity levels based on 12 indicators. For each indicator, the rankings are placed on a scale of 0 (low intensity) to 10 (high intensity). Therein, the aggregate sum of all indicators is 120.
Pakistan with 90.5 points, is ranked 29th in Fragile States Index. The unique ranking compiled by the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine is topped by African countries Yemen (111.7 points), Somalia (110.9), Syria (110.7), South Sudan (109.4) and Congo (108.4). Afghanistan with 102 points is ranked at number 9, followed by Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Haiti.
The above graph cities various reasons for a failed state and it is clearly evident that year after year, with no genuine efforts for improvement, Pakistan continues to follow a downward trend in the Failing States Index scores. The results of the data visibly manifest on ground as the world observes its recurrent failure.
Pakistan has no freedom of expression in its society. A cloud of fear shrouds the media houses and local journalists that criticizes the government authorities. The television operators in Pakistan operate in fear of the judiciary. In 2020 alone, there were numerous cases of Pakistani journalists being charged with sedition for remarks being made on various social media platforms.
Domestic violence against young girls and women, marriage by coercions remains prevalent in Pakistan. Over 1500 honour killings were registered in 2020 alone which indicates a 200 % increase in domestic violence which further deteriorates during the pandemic era. The data during the lockdown period clearly indicates that the abuses against the fairer sex has increased manifold during the lockdown. All these are visible red flags and clear indicators of failing state into an abyss.
The trans-border ramifications are far too many in the event of an absolute failure in Pakistan. It will provide a safe haven to terrorist groups and provide them with nuclear weapons within an arm’s reach. They will have access to the latest technology that is meant solely for the purpose of defense establishments. Refugee outflow from failed state will bolster in insurgency in Kashmir.
The failure of Pakistan is a result of an absence of institutions. State failure can be fixed in time with good government reforms and by garnering international trust. This should give up the religious angle to evoke radicalized thoughts in their people and focus more on improving the state of affairs in their country. The political ambitions of the Pakistani army generals should be curbed and nipped in the bud. The world should demand new reforms in Pakistan’s government to accept it on an international forum for trade and commerce. Pakistani should take responsibility for its actions and take control of prevent further failing of the already the failed state.

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