The children who paid in blood outside the temple walls: Revelation 11

Collateral damage: the children who paid in blood when Israel and Hamas went to war in Gaza

When airstrikes kill children and other civilians, politicians absolve themselves of blame. All loss of life is regretted, they say in often uniform statements, and best efforts are made to avoid non-combatant casualties.

But new and detailed research on one “small war”, between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza in May this year, has revealed big differences in how many civilian deaths are deemed acceptable in conflict. Backed up by interviews with Israeli and Palestinian spokesmen and former officials, it showed that hugely different calculations determine how many civilians can be killed, depending on the war and the enemy.

The study, by the London-based monitor Airwars, reported that in Gaza, where it said that between 151 and 192 civilians were killed by Israeli strikes in 11

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