The silence before the storm outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Hamas militants in Gaza

Photo: AFP

The silence before the storm in Gaza

Opinion: The recent foiled terror plot in West Bank, coupled with the murder of an Israeli man in Jerusalem, indicate Hamas is readying for another round of fighting with Israel, which has so far opted to ignore the warnings

Alex Fishman| Updated: 12.05.21, 08:02

As per its plan, Hamas intended to plant hidden sniper nests in various spots around the country in order to kill as many Israelis as possible and push the West Bank into utter chaos.The terrorist group also intended to detonate at least four explosives in Jerusalem and other cities within the Green Line – the demarcation lines separating Israeli and Palestinian territory. Had that scenario come to pass, the IDF would have sent large forces into the West Bank to arrest a fair number of suspects, which would have surely led to violence between the army and the local Palestinian population.This pandemonium would have served to further erode the already-shaky reputation of the Palestinian Authority – Hamas’ long time political rival – and bring an end to the political career of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.This terror plan – the largest in scope since 2014 – included 60 militants and was uncovered by Israeli authorities in mere weeks, while members of the terror cell were arrested on the eve of the plan’s execution

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