The China Horn Stockpiles her Nukes for Babylon the Great

China is commissioning DF-17 missiles in 'large numbers'
China is commissioning DF-17 missiles in ‘large numbers’Credit: Getty

China stockpiling ‘flying death sentence’ hypersonic nukes capable of evading US shields in ‘large numbers’

9:42 ET,

CHINA is stockpiling a hypersonic nuke branded “the flying death sentence” that’s capable evading all existing anti-missile shields deployed by America and its allies.

The land-based hypersonic ballistic nuclear missile – known as Dong Feng 17 or DF-17 – can surge to speeds of up to 7,680mph and experts say it is able to “hit every corner of the Earth”.

Wu Qian, of China’s defence ministry, confirmed the country has commissioned DF-17 and DF-26 missiles in “large numbers”.

Beijing unveiled the hypersonic DF-17 nuke in 2019 – offering a glimpse of the “blindingly fast and unstoppable” missile in a four minute clip that July

The weapon contains a hypersonic glide vehicle and can be fitted with a nuclear warhead and is said to be capable of achieving speeds of up to 7,680 mph – or ten times the speed of sound.

Foreign analysts say it’s designed to move at high speed to evade anti-missile defences.

The DF-17 hypersonic missile can theoretically manoeuvre sharply at many times the speed of sound, making it extremely difficult to counter.

It comes as tensions hit boiling between the US and China over Beijing’s increasing occupation of the disputed South China Sea.

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