Israeli Bulldozers Level Farm Land Outside the Temple Walls

Armored D9 bulldozer (archive image)

Israeli Bulldozers Level Farm Land in the Southern Gaza Strip

NOV 10, 2021

Israeli military bulldozers razed, on Tuesday, Palestinian lands east of Khan Younis in the southern besieged Gaza strip, local sources reported.

Sources said that five bulldozers, 2 graters infiltrated into Palestinian territory, across the so-called security fence, while military tanks were situated along the fence to provide cover for the invading machines.

The heavy machinery was seen razing large sections of Palestinian-owned farm land east of Abasan al-Jadida town in Khan Younis, 70 meters past the Israeli border fence.

The Israeli occupation has maintained a brutal air, land and sea blockade on the tiny coastal enclave for the past 15 years, in addition to launching 4 major military offensives against the more than two million inhabitants.

The military frequently invades Palestinian-owned farm land, opens fire on farmers, and the Navy harasses fishermen while they attempt to fish in the Mediterranean sea.

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