Israel Launches Massive Drill Outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

A picture taken on November 16, 2017, shows Israeli Army officer Lt. Col Elad Efrati battalion commander standing next to a tank at an army position overlooking southern Lebanon in the northern Israeli town of Metula, along Israel's border with Lebanon. / AFP PHOTO / MENAHEM KAHANA (Photo credit should …

Israel Launches Massive Drill Simulating War Against Iran, Hezbollah

31 Oct 2021


Israel on Sunday launched a large-scale simulation of war in preparation for a confrontation against Iran or its Lebanese terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.

The military joined forces with the Defense Ministry’s National Emergency Management Authority for the weeklong drill, which is part of Israel’s National Home Front Week.

The exercise will implement lessons learned from past rounds of conflict including the 2006 Second Lebanon War, as well as the 11-day war in May between Israel and the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group.

“We will test what we learned and experienced at levels I didn’t anticipate in terms of the domestic front,” said Brig. Gen. Itzik Bar, chief of staff of the Israeli army Home Front Command, according to a translation of his remarks by The Times of Israel.

The exercise will be a “great opportunity for all government ministries to understand the implications,” Bar added, “starting with disruptions in the energy sector… and other such aspects in terms of continual functioning.”
The drill will also test a new alert system in northern Israel, as well as Hezbollah’s capabilities in attacking specific targets near the northern border.

On Wednesday, rocket sirens will trigger a simulated evacuation across the country to test how quickly civilians are able to gain cover in bomb shelters and other protected areas.

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