Israel: Army simulates war outside the Temple Walls Revelation 11

Israel: Army simulates war during domestic strife

‘We will test what we learned and experienced at levels I didn’t anticipate in terms of the domestic front’

On Sunday, Israel’s army and the Defense Ministry’s National Emergency Management Authority launched a simulation of a full-scale war. 

According to officials, the exercise will prepare Israeli forces for a major military conflict with Lebanon’s Hezbollah – the Shia Islamist political party and militant group – amid a period of domestic turmoil, The Times of Israel (ToI) reported.

The drill is meant to implement lessonslearned from past events such as the Second Lebanon War in 2006, as well as from fighting in May between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza.

“We will test what we learned and experienced at levels I didn’t anticipate in terms of the domestic front,” said Brig. Gen. Itzik Bar, chief of staff of the Israeli army Home Front Command.

Israeli emergency response organizations will consider the lessons learned following conflicts like the most recent 11-day conflict with Hamas, known as Operation Guardian of the Walls, which spurred large riots throughout IsraelToI reported.

Scheduled to last until Thursday, the exercise will be a “great opportunity for all government ministries to understand the implications,” Bar added, “starting with disruptions in the energy sector… and other such aspects in terms of continual functioning.” …

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According to The Jerusalem Post, the drill will focus on a new alert system in northern Israel, as well as the rate of fire and the ability of Hezbollah to attack specific areas, especially near the border fence.

Some military officials consider a conflict with the Lebanese faction to be the second most serious threat facing the country, after only an Iranian nuclear weapon.

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