Israel Threatens Israel: Daniel 8:4

Tehran Iran
(Photo : Simon Inns / Flickr / CC) Tehran, Iran.

Iran Threatens To ‘Take Action’ Against 10K Jews In Country If Israel ‘Makes A Mistake’

Rising tensions between Iran and Israel has led Iranian Vice President Mohsen Rezaee to issue a stern warning towards its adversary: stay in line or let thousands of Jews inside the Iranian border perish.

The Iranian regime continues to accuse Israel of having a military presence within Iranian Azerbaijan, as per the “Iranian Regime Countdown” group that is opposed to Iranian leadership, posting the update on its Telegram channel.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, Rezaee, who serves as Iran’s Vice President for Economic Affairs, issued a warning that the country would take action against “the 10,000 Jews living in Iran” in the event Israel “makes a mistake” against the Iranians.

A translation of the Telegram channel post described Rezaee as an “unprecedented threat to Iran’s Jews” and reported that in a recent speech, the Iranian Vice President “told members and directors of [the ideological organization] Tharollah Tehran: ‘The Israeli government knows very well that if it makes a mistake, the regime will treat the 10,000 Jews living in Iran differently.”

The report added that leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran have long threatened Israeli citizens and cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa to confront their Israeli adversaries, but this is the first time that the Iranian official is threatening the Jews within their own borders, who have lived there for “thousands of years.” In the past, Rezaee threatened to kidnap 1,000 Americans and ask the U.S. for a $1 billion ransom for every American he took captive.

In June, an Iranian journalist in the U.S. by the name of Masih Alinejad took to Twitter to share a clip of then-presidential candidate Rezaee in an Iranian television broadcast promising to solve the economic crisis of Iran by taking a thousand Americans hostage and asking money from the U.S. in exchange for their freedom, WND reported.

In July, the U.S. Department of Justice admitted that four Iranian intelligence operatives who fled to Iran had in fact attempted to kidnap Alinejad from her New York residence and bring her to Iran. Alinejad was known to be campaigning online for women to remove their hijab, a violation of their faith.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Jews in the Majlis or council, Dr. Houmayoun Sameyah Najafabadi shared on his Telegram channel that Rezaee’s office had vehemently denied the Iranian Regime Countdown group’s claims that he wanted to take Jews hjostage.

“Recently, I have received many messages in the matter of the publication of an announcement by a senior regime official harming the Jewish community of Iran and creating concern in public opinion,” Dr. Najafabadi wrote. “After clarifying with the office of the honorable Dr. Mohsen Rezaee, he announced that this message was absolutely false and expressed regret for the publication of such a message that creates concern in the Jewish community of Iran.”

The spokesperson went on to call it “false news” that the anti-government group was spreading. He insisted that both the great founder of the revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that the religion of the Prophet Moses and the Jewish community differ from Zionism. He concluded that such “false news” was only published “to create division and tension among the Iranians.”

Readers are urged to pray for the Jews in Iran.

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