North Korea trying to hide her Nukes

North Korea trying to hide expansion of uranium plant

Satellite imagery shows that previously reported construction at the Yongbyon plant has been covered to hide details of the building’s layout, 38 North says While they could be several reasons for the expansion, the group says one option could be to increase production of fissile material

The renovations could indicate North Korea plans to increase production by as much as 25 per cent, weapons expert Jeffrey Lewis wrote on his Arms Control Wonk website in mid-September.

38 North had said earlier that the satellite imagery indicated cooling units were removed at the facility between August 25 and September 1, and the reason for the move was “unclear”.

North and South Korea restore communication and military hotline after 2 months of silence

The upgrade at the uranium-enrichment facility at Yongbyon comes after the International Atomic Energy Agency said North Korea had also resumed plutonium-production operations at its main nuclear complex for the first time in about three years.

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