Babylon the Great shows her nuclear might: Danie

US submarine launches Trident II nuclear missiles in stunning show of strength

17:07 ET,

THE US Navy triumphantly test-launched Trident D5LE nuclear missiles on Friday in a stunning show of strength against China’s latest threats.

The scheduled two-missile deployment of the unarmed revamped weapon took place off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida from the USS Wyoming (SSBN-742) submarine. 

The impressive operation involving the Ohio-class ballistic missile warship was part of a Demonstration and Shakedown Operation, designated DASO-31.  

Its aim was to evaluate the strength of the ballistic missile submarine and its crew before it is sent out for operational deployment after the subs upgrades.

The Navy boasted of the “unmatched reliability” of the new “sea-based nuclear deterrent” as tensions continue to increase with China.

It was the 184th successful Trident II (D5 & D5LE) SWS missile test flight and follows the last launch in February this year off the coast of Florida.

Vice Adm. Johnny R. Wolfe, Director of the Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs, said: “Today’s test demonstrates the unmatched reliability of our sea-based nuclear deterrent, which is made possible by a dedicated team of military, civilian and industry partners who bring expertise and dedication to the mission that is truly extraordinary.

“This same team is now developing the next generation of the Trident Strategic Weapon System, which will extend our sea-based strategic deterrent through 2084,” he continued.

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