More Shaking Before the Sixth Seal: Revelation 6:12

Update Fri, 3 Sep 2021, 10:26

Reported shaking caused by building explosion in Manville
Early this morning, after 1 a.m. local time, many people woke up or felt shaking in the area west of New Brunswick, NJ.
Many thought of it as an earthquake and reported it, but as it turned out, it seems that a popular dining venture or night club in Manville exploded. A user identified it as the “The Saffron” venue.
What caused the explosion is unknown, but a likely cause could be a broken gas pipe damaged during passage of remnants of Hurricane Ida that had swept through New Jersey in the past 36 hours. A similar event also was reported the night before, when another house exploded.
The destruction caused by Ida, in particular by wide-spread flooding, is extensive and in places very severe. There are also multiple fatalities, mainly of people believed to have been in their cars and swept away in flash flooding. A State of Emergency has been declared.Update Fri, 3 Sep 2021, 05:17Seismic-like event, possible earthquake, reported few minutes ago near Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
We are receiving unverified early reports of ground shaking possibly caused by seismic activity in or near Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA on 3 Sep 2021 (GMT) at approximately 05:06.
There are no details yet on the magnitude or depth of this possible quake. If confirmed, we can expect more accurate data to emerge in the next few minutes. The location, magnitude and time mentioned are indicative, based on our best-fit seismic model. They are temporary until our AllQuakes monitoring service receives more exact scientific data from a national or international seismological agency. Check back here shortly and stay safe.

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