The growing fear of World War III with Russia: Revelation 16

WW3 fears Russia is planning a final test of supersonic nuclear weapons, warning NATO is “causing a conflict” with the Black Sea wargame


Three fears have been fueled as World War III Russia accused NATO of “causing conflict” with the Black Sea war game.

The Moscow warning is in the midst of planning a final test of Vladimir Putin’s feared hypersonic nuclear weapon (a deadly weapon at 15,880 mph).RS-28 Sarmat-also known as Satan-2 in the WestCredit: East2West

Weapons at 15,880 mph will be Putin's largest nuclear weapon
Weapons at 15,880 mph will be Putin’s largest nuclear weaponCredit: East2West

Moscow is proud that its new weapons can evade the US defense shield and destroy areas as large as England and Wales, or Texas.

Russia today confirmed that a new deadly hypersonic 208-ton “Satan-2” intercontinental ballistic missile flight test is about to begin.

The surprise announcement came a few days after more than 2,000 troops and 30 ships, including the United Kingdom, participated in the NATO exercise Breeze 2021 in the Black Sea.

The first test of a 5th generation silo-based liquid propellant intercontinental ballistic missile (called RS-28 Sarmat, but Satan-2 in the west) will be “Autumn”.

And by the end of this year, the second test will start.

The missile’s new promotional video shows a poster from the West boasting that Salmat “doesn’t need a visa.”

Weapons at 15,880 mph will be the largest modernized nuclear weapon in Vladimirputin after a state trial.

If successful, the Salmat missile will help strengthen Russia’s defenses soon next year.

Nuclear weapon “moldable”

Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said: [will begin] This year, it is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

“In 2022, the first batch should be commissioned with the Strategic Rocket Force.”

According to the Russians, the weapon can deliver multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) warheads (weighing up to 10 tonnes) anywhere in the world, flying both the North Pole and the South Pole. increase.

Izvestia reported that it has the ability to use orbits and unpredictable routes that “substantially prevent their destruction even by advanced missile defense systems.”

According to the designer, it is possible to bypass the missile defense system and fly on an “unpredictable route”.

Sarmat can also fly over the North and South Pole and “approach the target from directions where interception is not expected.”

Shoygu made a test announcement while visiting Krasmash, which is based in Krasnoyarsk. Class Mash plans to mass produce a new Salmat strategic missile system.

He was accompanied by Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

Putin’s close ally, Shoygu, said, “We have seen Krasmash ready to fulfill the long-term contract for the Salmat missile, one of the most formidable weapons we should have.” rice field.

The Black Sea is strategically important to NATO.

Nato spokesman Piers Casalet

The launch is expected to take place from an underground silo at the Plesetsk Space Center in northwestern Russia, meeting Kamchatka’s goal on the country’s Pacific coast.

One test can be done over a maximum range of 11,200 miles.

In previous footage, “invincible” hypersonic weapons emerged from silos, paused as if they were floating on the ground, and speeding up toward the target in a cloud of white smoke.

Today’s announcement is in the midst of heightened tensions between Russia and the West.

Putin was angry after Bulgaria led a large-scale maritime exercise that ended on July 19.

14 NATO allies and partners from Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States were involved in the Black Sea mission.

“The Black Sea is strategically important to NATO.

“The alliance continues to focus on the security of the Black Sea,” said Deputy Spokesman Pierce Casalet.

World War II horror

NATO has increased its presence in the Black Sea since Russia annexed Crimea illegally and illegally. 

Nato vessels operate routinely in the Black Sea in accordance with international law and typically patrol the waters for about two-thirds of the year.

However, Yuri Piripson, the fourth European director of the Moscow Ministry, told Leah Novosti on Thursday:

“It is very clear that this kind of’training’does rather than prevents conflict situations. “

“We have repeatedly warned that the spread of military and political conflicts at the border entails conflicting responsibilities.”

His warning is issued after a Russian hypersonic nuclear submarine has submerged more than 500 meters in the Atlantic Ocean after performing an ominous “deep penetration” mission.

And on August 2, Sun Online reported that Moscow had accused the United States of “extremely dangerous” threats of using force against Putin’s fighters over the Black Sea.

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko counterattacked after the top US Admiral appeared to be “seducing us to shoot us first” in the turmoil of Moscow’s NATO ships by low-flying Air Force fighters.

There is a continuing verbal war between Russia and the West, and there is fear that future major conflicts may be resolved in space.

Russia is accelerating testing of the new Sarmat strategic missile system
Russia is accelerating testing of the new Sarmat strategic missile systemCredit: East2West
Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defense of Russia, strict at Krasmash factory
Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defense of Russia, strict at Krasmash factoryCredit: East2West
Salmat missiles are factory produced
Salmat missiles are factory producedCredit: East2West

The video shows a mysterious “blast” that “six people died” at a secret Russian weapons factory after suffering from “horrible burns”

WW3 fears Russia is planning a final test of supersonic nuclear weapons, warning NATO is “causing a conflict” with the Black Sea wargame

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