Rioting Palestinians outside the Temple Walls burn swastika inside Star of David

Rioting Palestinians burn swastika inside Star of David

Rioting Palestinians burn swastika inside Star of David

Hoping to emulate Marches of Return on Israel-Gaza border and intimidate and push out local Jews, Palestinian rioters in West Bank village of Beita burn Nazi and Jewish symbols in antisemitic display.

Palestinian rioters in the village of Beita in Samaria burned a swastika and Magen David Saturday night.

For a few months now, residents of Beita have been confronting Israeli security forces in an effort to replicate the March of Returns seen on the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel. Torch-holding rioters have set off fireworks in an attempt to intimidate and eventually vacate the nearby settlement outpost of Evyatar.

The Evyatar outpost was illegally erected in April following the murder of Yehuda Guetta in a terrorist attack at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria. It was evacuated in June and will remain under the control of the Israel Defenses Forces until the Civil Administration’s planning committee completes its survey of the land.

In July, a Molotov cocktail thrown by rioters at security forces sparked a fire at Evyatar. While no one was injured in the incident, the firebombing did cause damage to two structures at the outpost.

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