Conflict outside the Temple Walls continues with Arson Balloons Attacks: Revelation 11

Conflict between Israel and Gaza continue with Arson Balloons Attacks

In early July 2021, it was broadcasted that several arson balloon attacks were launched from Gaza and ignited multiple fires in South Israeli Towns. This comes after two weeks of seemingly quiet combat between Gaza and Israel. The attacks on 1 July 2021 have then sparked Israeli forces to target a Hamas weapon factory. Historic tensions between Israel and Gaza, run by the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Jerusalem, have created violence and conflict in the region for decades. A cease-fire declaration was made in May after conflict caused the death of 260 Palestinians, however, there have been various flare-ups of conflict since then.

Israeli’s new Prime Minister (PM), Naftali Bennett, stated on 3 July 2021 that “Israel is interested in calm and has no interest in harming Gaza residents, but violence… will be met with a strong response”. He also stated that “things have changed” since the recent arson attacks. PM Bennett continued that “we are also working on a solution to allow humanitarian assistance to Gaza residents”. In the Times of Israel, the PM also refers to the reports that Qatar donated money to Gaza. In May 2021, the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, commented at the UN General Assembly Meeting on the conflict mentioning he was “horrified” and “deeply shocked by the continued air and artillery bombardment” in Gaza.

It is important to place pressures on the UN and other nations to make more of an effort to ensure that the conflict from both sides is ceased, and that civilians can return to their homes, safely. This, however, is likely to end up in another war. Aid agencies and the UN have set up emergency response funds and access to humanitarian goods for victims, although, other countries should implement non-violent measures including sanctions. The hopeful solution from the UN in that Jerusalem remain as the capital of both Israel and Palestine should be the main goal.

The conflict between Israel and Palestinians living in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank has occurred for decades. Gaza, ruled by Hamas, and its borders are tightly controlled by Israel and Egypt to stop weapons getting into the hands of the militant group. Israel claims that its efforts are to restrict the violence coming out of Gaza and to protect its citizens. According to the BBC, the primary issues surrounding the conflict refers to the Palestinians refugees in these areas, and whether Jewish settlements should be moved on. Further, the two cannot agree on whether a Palestinian state should be formed beside Israel and if they can share Jerusalem. Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, attempted to release a peace-plan for the Middle East in January 2020, however, this plan fell through. In May 2021, The UN reported that 208 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli military. Further, approximately 12 Israeli fatalities by Hamas.

It becomes more unlikely every day that the conflict and tensions between Israel and Gaza are likely to subside or stop. This creates an array of future issues in the Middle East and across the globe as tensions continue. Unfortunately, it is highly likely that more casualties will occur before a solution is found and implemented into the region. The conflicts between the parties will continue to create uproar in activists around the globe.

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