The Russian Horn’s New Nuclear Policy: Daniel 8

Putin approves new National Security Strategy, listing Russia’s top priorities

July 3, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved Russia’s National Security Strategy on Saturday. The corresponding decree, published this Saturday on the Official Russian Legal Information Portal, it will replace the previous one, adopted in 2015. 

“The implementation of this strategy will contribute to protect the people of Russia, develop human potential, improve the quality of life and well-being of citizens, strengthen the country’s defense capacity, the unity and cohesion of Russian society and achieve the national development objectives, increasing the competitiveness and international prestige of Russia “, reads the document.

Among other priorities of Russia the archive mentions the protection of the traditional foundations of Russian society, as well as environmental security and the rational use of natural resources.

Interference from the outside

Faced with the implementation of the deliberate policy of containing Russia from abroad, the document notes “vital importance” to strengthen “the sovereignty of the country, its independence, its state and territorial integrity”, as well as to protect “the traditional spiritual and moral foundations of Russian society”, guarantee defense and security and “prevent interference in internal affairs from the country”.

The course towards strengthening defense capabilities, internal unity and political stability, economic modernization and industrial development “ensured the strengthening of Russia’s sovereign statehood as a country capable of conducting a foreign policy and independent internal and effectively resist external pressure attempts“says the document.

“Only a harmonious combination of a strong state and human well-being will guarantee the formation of a just society and the prosperity of Russia,” he continues. In this sense, the strategy is based on the interrelation and interdependence of the country’s national security and its socioeconomic development.

Military threats

The text highlights that the military and political situation in the world is characterized by the formation of new global and regional centers of power, as well as by the worsening of the struggle between them for spheres of influence. It is also indicated that the importance of military force as an instrument for the achievement of geopolitical goals at the international level is growing.

“The strengthening of military dangers and military threats to the Russian Federation is facilitated by attempts to exert pressure on Russia, its allies and partners, the build-up of NATO’s military infrastructure near Russian borders, the intensification of intelligence activities and exercises to use large military formations and nuclear weapons against Russia, “the document says.

The strategy states that in order to protect Russia’s national interests from external and internal threats, “including hostile actions by foreign states,” it is necessary to “increase the efficiency of the use of existing achievements and Russia’s competitive advantages, taking into account account for long-term trends in global development. “

The project also claimed that the planned deployment of US medium- and short-range missiles in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region poses a threat to strategic stability and international security. The strategy also emphasizes that, “in the context of developing the potential of the global missile defense system, the US is pursuing a steady course of relinquishing international obligations in the field of arms control.”

Response to hostile actions

Russia has the right to take symmetrical and asymmetric measures in response to hostile actions by foreign states, the document says.

“In the event that foreign States commit hostile actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, including those related to the use of restrictive measures (sanctions) of a political or economic nature or the use of modern technologies of the information and communications, Russia considers it legitimate to take symmetric and asymmetric measures necessary to suppress such hostile actions, as well as to prevent their recurrence in the future, “the document says.

Informatic security

Unlike the previous document, the new strategy contains more data on information and communication technologies and warns that their rapid development “is accompanied by an increase in the probability of threats to the safety of citizens, society and the state”.

“The use of information and communication technologies is expanding to interfere in the internal affairs of States, undermine their sovereignty and violate territorial integrity, which represents a threat to international peace and security,” the document warns. .

The strategy also points out that “the activity of the special services of foreign states is intensifying to carry out intelligence and other operations in the Russian information space.” The armed forces of these states are taking actions to disable the infrastructure of critical information of the Russian Federation “, the text states.

Commenting on the new wording of the Russian strategy, the geopolitical expert Fernando Moragón highlights the relevance of the new challenges embodied in the text, and believes that the US is waging a hybrid war against Russia, threatening its security.

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