Gaza terror squad threatens Israelis: Revelation 11

Gaza terror squad to Israelis: ‘We are here to burn you, to make you wish you were dead’

(July 4, 2021 / MEMRI) A Gaza-based terror group posted a video on Sunday vowing to continue their arson attacks on southern Israel “day and night.”

The video, in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles, was posted to the Telegram account of “Ahfad Al-Nasser,” which belongs to the Popular Resistance Committees.

“We are here to burn you […] to make you wish you were dead,” the video says. “You will not enjoy a decent life […] this is part of our rage.”

In the video, members of the group are seen preparing incendiary balloons.Subscribe to The JNS Daily Syndicate by email and never miss our top stories

On Saturday, following three consecutive days of arson attacks from the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes struck a weapons-manufacturing facility and rocket-launching site in Gaza belonging to Hamas, according to the Israeli military.

In mid-June, incendiary devices launched from Gaza ignited a total of 26 conflagrations in southern Israel.

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