Islamic Jihad Makes Threats Outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Islamic Jihad warns patience ‘running out’ if Israel continues Gaza strikes

“We will not allow the Israeli government to impose its conditions on the resistance or isolate Gaza,” Palestinian terrorist groups reportedly tell Israel through Egyptian mediators.

In a fresh warning to the newly former Naftali Bennett-led government, Palestinian Islamic Jihad on Saturday said its patience with Israel was “running out” and was ready to retaliate for its attacks in the Gaza Strip, which have come in response to a renewed cross-border arson campaign.

Senior PIJ official Khader Habib told the Ramallah-based Al Ayam newspaper that terrorist groups in Gaza have delivered a message to Israel through Egyptian mediators warning that if its retaliatory strikes continue, as well as the blockade on the Strip that Jerusalem says is necessary to prevent terrorist groups from building up their military capabilities, “the [terrorist] organizations will respond in a similar fashion.”

“We will not allow the Israeli government to impose its conditions on the resistance or isolate Gaza,” Habib said, adding that “the joint headquarters of the [terrorist] organizations in Gaza have formulated a final and unified position to face Israeli conduct in the coming days.”

Habib additionally warned of potential fighting along the entire Gaza border, despite the calls for restraint by some within the enclave.

Israeli aircraft struck twice in Gaza last week, targeting military facilities and launch pads belonging to Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, in response to incendiary balloon attacks on Israel that led to dozens of brush fires and destroyed crops. Despite the threats from Gaza-based terrorist groups, the scope of the arson attacks has decreased significantly over the past 24 hours.

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