Ironically Ted Cruz is correct: Revelation 16

China Might Invade Taiwan And Iran Might Get Nukes ASAP Because Of Biden’s ‘Weakness’, Ted Cruz Warns

Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned on Thursday that China might invade Taiwan and Iran might get nukes as soon as possible because of President Joe Biden’s “weakness.”

Breitbart reported that Cruz was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt in the podcast “The Interview” where he said that there is “a real possibility” that Iran will be developing nuclear weapons while there is a “distressingly high possibility” that the Chinese Communist Party “will militarily invade Taiwan” because the said countries see Biden’s “weakness.”

“Xi sees that weakness as a signal (of) what Biden will do if they invade Taiwan. And there are two things that I am deeply concerned about, that I think there’s a real possibility will happen in the next four years, before the end of 2024,” Cruz said referring to China President Xi Jinping.

“Number one, I think there’s a real possibility the Ayatollah Khamenei will develop a nuclear weapon, that they’ve taken a measure of Joe Biden, they think he’s too weak to respond, and so they’re going to rush to get a nuke before Biden’s gone,” he added. “And number two, I think there is a distressingly high possibility that China will militarily invade Taiwan for exactly the same reason, that Xi has taken a measure of Biden, and he doesn’t believe there will be any meaningful consequences.”

During the podcast, Cruz discussed with Hugh the need to defend Taiwan and the 2023 presidential race, as well as, the Biden-Putin summit.

U.S. military experts have raised last April the possibility that China will invade Taiwan as it mounts its “power” in Asia as a means to overthrow the United State’s hold in it. In an interview with Associated Press, Asia-Pacific Region Senior U.S. military Commander Admiral Philip Davidson said they see “risks are going up.”

“We have indications that the risks are actually going up. The threat is manifest during this decade–in fact, in the next six years,” Davidson said.

While Ohio Representative Steve Chabot pointed out during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Taiwan that there is “ambiguity” in the United States regarding to defending Taiwan if such an invasion occurs considering the lack of clarity on it by the present Administration.

“And I must say, strategic ambiguity relative to Taiwan and China is, in my opinion, absurd and dangerous. We ought to be crystal clear that if China attacks Taiwan, we will be there with Taiwan,” Chabot stated.

Experts said part of the ambiguity lies in the Administration’s focus on racism and LGBTQ as most of the executive orders Biden has released since taking office delved on this and not much on the clarity of his international relations and security policies.

As a sign of support for Taiwan, Cruz recently authored the bill that allows the wearing of uniforms of Taiwanese officials and the display of their national flag while on official business in the United States. The said bill, Taiwan Symbols of Sovereignity Act has already passed the Senate last June 11.

Taiwan News reported that the passing of the bill has lifted the remaining restrictions “on diplomatic exchanges between” the United States and Taiwan. Cruz’ bill is part of S.1260 or the United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 that tackles a series of amendments that includes national security and the enhancement of the United States-Taiwan partnership.

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