Why is Biden bent on appeasing Iran — even as it masterminds American deaths?

Why is Biden bent on appeasing Iran — even as it masterminds American deaths?

What’s the deal with President Joe Biden and Iran? This part-time president is a full-time appeaser of Tehran — and he is determined to give the terrorist regime the keys to a nuclear-armed empire.

No other regime has connived at the deaths of so many American service members, as Iran did when it trained Iraqi militias and supplied them with improvised explosive devices — and as Iran still does, by supplying the increasingly accurate drones and missiles that have struck US bases in Iraq in the last six months. But Team Biden sees no evil.

No other regime has committed so many acts of terrorism across the globe, from Argentina to Thailand, or plotted to murder foreign diplomats on US soil, as Iranian agents did in 2011. But Team Biden hears no evil.

No other regime is as committed to destabilizing American allies and interests across the Middle East and Africa, and no other regime is dedicated to the destruction of a close US ally, Israel, the world’s sole Jewish state. But Team Biden speaks no evil about the Iranian regime.

The three wise monkeys behind this strategic lunacy are Antony Blinken, Robert Malley and Jake Sullivan. They are Obama-ians: the reckless ideologues who contrived the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015. Washington and Tehran had been at odds for more than 40 years. What better way of breaking the standoff than setting a terrorist regime on the glide-path to a nuclear weapon — and delivering pallets of cash to its coffers?

American elites invariably fail up, and the media are predictably framing the Dem diplomats who floated to power in January as heroes. Biden’s envoys want to revive the Iran deal at all costs, American blood be forgotten and regional prestige be damned. And Biden agrees, just as he nods along to every other prompt from his radical advisers.

Strengthening Tehran will be a disaster for the Middle East. A nuclear weapon will render the Iranian regime impregnable and will trigger the nuclearization of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It may well lead to an all-out war between Iran and Israel, in which Iran and its proxies will attack American bases and assets.

But that’s just collateral damage. The real prize in Biden’s diplomacy isn’t peace with Iran. It’s erasing the memory of former President Donald Trump. The Obamacrats will never forgive Trump for withdrawing from the Iran deal, sanctioning the regime and exposing the pretensions of the Beltway experts as dangerous nonsense. There are careers at stake here.

While Tehran sows death and destruction, Biden’s envoys flatter and cajole Iranian negotiators in the nuclear negotiations. The fifth round of talks on reviving the Iran deal is set for June 10. Enrique Mora, the European Union envoy who has coordinated this dismal dance of accommodation on behalf of the Biden administration and Britain, France and Germany, says he is “sure that the next round will be the one in which we will finally get a deal.”

We will get much more than that. When the Obama administration threw the Iranian regime a lifeline with the Iran deal, the mullahs used American cash and credibility to sow terrorism in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, and step up their rocket program, too.

Iran has cheated the international nuclear inspectors by hiding undeclared nuclear material at secret sites. It has produced uranium metal, despite the Iran deal’s ban on Tehran “producing or acquiring plutonium or uranium metal or their alloys,” and reneged on its commitments under the global chemical- and biological-weapons conventions. The Defense Intelligence Agency suspects that Iran is “pursuing central-nervous-system-acting chemicals for offensive purposes.”

The DIA also reports that since late 2019, Iraqi Shiite militias have launched more than 300 attacks on American interests in Iraq, killing four Americans and 25 Iraqis. Tehran, the DIA finds, influences the “frequency and intensity” of the attacks.

In October 2020, with the US presidential elections imminent, Tehran ordered its Shiite proxies to pause “after a period of increased rocket attacks and IEDs against US-contracted convoys.” The attacks resumed as soon as the election was over and intensified as the Biden administration settled in.

This is how the Iranian regime negotiates. And this is what the Neville Chamberlain school of foreign policy is about to reward.

Dominic Green is deputy editor of The Spectator’s world edition.

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