Trampling by the Nations Outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Did Hamas, Hezbollah, IRGC coordinate efforts in recent Gaza fighting?

Terrorist groups established joint war room during recent Gaza clashes, editor-in-chief of Hezbollah-aligned newspaper says. “Had Israel expanded the operation, the entire axis of opposition would have joined the fight,” he says.

Hezbollah, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and Hamas established a joint war room during the recent fighting in the Gaza Strip, according to the editor-in-chief of a newspaper aligned with the Lebanese terrorist group.

Ibrahim Al Amin, the editor-in-chief- of Al Akhbar, a Beirut daily aligned with the terrorist organization made the remarks in an interview with Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV station that aired Friday.

He said officers from the three organizations coordinated fighting. “Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force commander Esmail Ghaani visited the joint war room twice during the escalation. Hezbollah transferred weapons to the Gaza Strip and released senior members of Palestinian factions from the [Gaza] Strip at this time.”

According to Al Amin, the Revolutionary Guards and Hamas provided Palestinian terrorist groups intelligence on IDF movements which he said: “led to the foiling of Israeli actions in the area of the Gaza Strip fence.”

He said, “If Israel had expended the operation, then the entire axis of opposition would have joined the fighting.”

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