Gaza incendiary balloons spark 10 fires outside the Temple Walls for a third day: Revelation 11

Gaza incendiary balloons spark 10 fires in south for a third day

At least 3 blazes burn in the Be’eri nature reserve; balloon-borne attacks come amid heightened tensions in Jerusalem, West Bank

By Emanuel Fabian8 May 2021, 4:27 pm
Masked Palestinians prepare to launch incendiary balloons across the northern Gaza border toward Israel, on May 8, 2021. (MOHAMMED ABED / AFP)
Firefighting teams worked to extinguish multiple fires in southern Israel on Saturday, caused by balloons carrying incendiary devices that were launched from the Gaza Strip.

According to fire services, teams responded to 10 blazes in the region.

At least three of the fires burned in the Be’eri forest, a nature reserve located near the border between Israel and Gaza, a spokesperson for the Jewish National Fund said.

There were no reports of any injuries or danger to nearby towns.

The fires came amid reports in the Gaza Strip from the so-called “balloon units” that they had begun to launch balloon-borne incendiary devices toward southern Israel. Saturday marked the third straight day of such attacks

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