Israel Manipulates the U.S. into War

A Prospective Undersecretary of Defense Appears to Believe That Israel Manipulates the U.S. into War

For decades, the canard that Israel tricks America into fighting wars on its behalf has been a favorite of anti-Semites of both left and right. Among those who have echoed it is Colin Kahl, who served as then-Vice-President Joe Biden’s national-security adviser and whose nomination for undersecretary of defense for policy is now being considered by the Senate. Kahl made the insinuation after Israel announced the capture of an Iranian nuclear archive in 2018, tweeting, “Let’s see what this is. But this sure has an eerie pre-2003 Iraq vibe to it”—implying, it seems, that Jerusalem hoped the U.S. would use the finding as reason to invade the Islamic Republic. Tony Badran comments:

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