Bolstering Iron Dome, IDF threatens harsh response outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Bolstering Iron Dome, IDF threatens harsh response to Gaza rockets

Security cabinet meets after south battered by multiple barrages overnight and Jerusalem clashes resume; army chief cancels U.S. trip to monitor situation; ‘I have ordered preparations for any scenario,’ says Netanyahu

Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner| Updated: 04.24.21 , 20:02 nullThe IDF decided Saturday to reinforce the Iron Dome missile defense system located across southern Israel, after the communities close to the Gaza Strip border were pounded by dozens of rockets from the Palestinian enclave overnight. A source in Jerusalem, meanwhile, warned that “Israel will respond severely to rocket fire from Gaza.”

While the Hamas terror group that controls Gaza has refrained from allowing rocket fire on communities that are not adjacent to the Strip, the IDF fears that if the rocket barrages continue, they could target areas further away from the border.Despite the concerns over further escalation, the IDF decided not to reinforce the Gaza Division, whose troops secure the area of the Gaza-Israel border fence. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had convened the security cabinet for a rare Saturday meeting, after the nightlong barrages and as clashes between Arab protesters and police continued in Jerusalem.

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