Are India and Pakistan are not really heading towards peace: Revelation 8

Are India and Pakistan really heading towards peace?

A ceasefire at the border, a sporting visit or two, pleasantries between prime ministers Narendra Modi and Imran Khan. It’s all looking up, isn’t it? Not quite, say experts. What looks like positive discussions on the Indus Water Treaty and progress in Kashmir may hide deeper disagreements

After years of tension, violence and even aerial bombings that have brought the two countries to the brink of war, a series of moves have rekindled a hope for peace between the two nuclear-armed nations.

Last month, the two countries made a surprise announcement that their armed forces had agreed to halt all cross-border firing across their shared border, The Line of Control.

The Line of Control is a heavily militarised, turbulent border where frequent exchanges of firing and heavy shelling take place. In 2020, 36 people died and 130 were injured in 5,100 instances of firing and shelling, the most in the last 18 years, according to Indian government data.

Is China behind mystery Kashmir ceasefire between India and Pakistan?

2 Mar 2021

Since the announcement, the two countries have moved swiftly – yet quietly – to consolidate this thaw in their relationship.

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