Israel is Preparing for the Prophecy to be Fulfilled

Strategic realism of eretz Israel

It’s time all stakeholders commit to Grand National Dialogue for National Security Committee to preserve Strategic Interests and protect National Interest

Waqas Mahmood Ali

3:53 PM | February 15, 2021

Eschatology provides insight into chain of political events occurring in the Middle East. The Eschatological study of Political Events is necessary for Strategic Policy Planning. Eretz Israel provides the foundational basis for developing framework to establish valid, reliable and accurate link of eschatological-political events. The fulfillment of eschatological signs can be witnessed in chain of political events. The events lead to advent of Imam Al-Mahdi but the most important part is role and presence of western powers. In order to pursue effective research on eschatological-political events, it is imperative to address eschatological position through observation (examining and identifying) of trends, patterns and trajectories of political events occurring in Middle East. The deal of the century of Middle East Peace Plan revolves around Eretz Israel. It is important to integrate the eschatological signs regarding role and presence of western powers in Middle East into occurrence of political events. This can be done through studying the strategies involved in Security Pacts, Peace Treaties, Political (Diplomatic, Military) Agreements, Strategic Accords, Organised Violence, Armed Conflict etc. The Prophetic tradition (Sunan Abū Daūd, Book of Malāhim, Chapter – Signs Of The Battles, Hadīth 4294) categorically mention Madinah, Jerusalem, Constantinople and Damascus as major center of political events which involve the role and presence of Ar-Rum (Christians/West/Europeans).

During the lifetime of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Tabuk expedition was launched. It was also the first military expedition pursued after death of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Tabuk seems as symbolic event for future strategic initiatives as Prophethood status of Holy Prophet provided him Strategic foresight to know that Ar-Rum, unlike Persia, will continue to be a Superpower. Today, NEOM is located in Tabuk. Therefore, Tabuk plays important role in gauging presence of Ar-Rum (Christians/Europeans/West) in Middle East based on Prophetic tradition narrated by Auf Bin Malik that of Holy Prophet mentioned six signs of hour during Tabuk expedition which includes ‘Conquest of Jerusalem’ and Banu Al-Asfar  (Byzantines/Ar-Rum/European Christians) landing with huge army at Amaq-Dabiq region. This suggests that role, preswnce and influence of western powers at North, South, West and East borders of Eretz Israel must be studied. The Al-Ula declaration regarding KSA & UAE mending ties with Qatar provides account of how US can impact GCC decision-making. It was at Jared Kushner’s behest that MBS, without delay did both: implemented the blockade against Qatar and, then also proceeded to restore normal relation after Kushner’s intervention. It is mentioned in Prophetic traditions that (influence/presence of) Ar-Rum will reach Al-Khayber (Sunan Abi Dawud 4250-51, Book # 36, Hadith # 11-13). It is a major eschatological sign in latest political event. Al Khayber is located between Al-Ula and Madinah. Similarly, Al-Ula is located between Madinah and Tabuk. These locations represent SOUTHERN BORDER of Eretz Israel.

Eschatological-Political events associated borders of Eretz Israel can be further observed (examined and identified) through trends, patterns and trajectories on basis of evidence-based reasoning approach. Therefore, the Northern, Western and Eastern borders must be attached with eschatological signs in political events. The western and eastern borders of Eretz Israel stretch from River Nile to River Euphrates. This is to establish complete control of Israel to establish its status as Ruling State of the world. This is the Zionist goal since the mass exodus of Jews to Holy Land was not merely for oil or any other resource but for Eretz Israel. The Politics of River Nile for Eretz Israel is already in process. Eritrea blocked landlocked Ethiopia’s access to sea water on behest of Israel. This led Ethiopia to make decision for building Nahda Dam on River Nile. However, Ethiopia needed prior approval of Egypt and Sudan to implement the phase of building dam. The initial talks were successful.

However, lack of funds to build dam forced Ethiopia to rely on external funding which led to involvement of US then ultimately resulting in breakdown and failure of dam talks. The impact was that Trump threatened Ethiopia that Egypt will attack to destroy the dam. In order to further cripple Ethiopia, unprecedented level of armed conflict surged in Tigray region of Ethiopia which forced Addis Ababa to back down. Similar practice of armed conflict was witnessed in Western Sahara despite the respective region’s agreement with Morocco, which was being observed since 1975. This was part of organized violence. The conflict surged few days before Morocco’s recognition of Israel. This is part of carrot and stick policy which is also being witnessed in latest GCC move for reconciliation amid growing threat of US-Iran conflict. All these political events in North and Upper Africa highlight politics of River Nile. The political instability suits Eretz Israel policy.

Prophetic traditions mention the political actions of people of Magreb (Area of North Africa located to west of Egypt) and People of Egypt in Syria, too (Narrations of Muhammad Ibn Al-Hanafiyah and Ali Bin Abi Talib mentioned in Nuaim bin Hammad’s Kitab Al-Fitan). These political actions coincide with eschatological events through chain of events. It is mentioned in Prophetic traditions that People of Magreb manage to establish influential role in Damascus which is held to be important center of diplomacy in eschatological events. Current geopolitical climate depicts potential status of Damascus to possibly be International Center for Diplomacy since both sides of Ar-Rum and Muslims will have to cooperate, collaborate, coordinate and co-opt in Peace Treaties, Security Pacts, Strategic Accords and Political Agreements (Ibn Majah).

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It’s pertinent to mention that various Prophetic traditions mention Damascus and its surrounding (Sunan Abi Dawud 4298, Hadith #4285, Book # 38). The link of Damascus (Syria) to Eretz Israel is that River Euphrates as well as area of Amaq and Dabiq are mentioned in Prophetic traditions (Abu Dawud, Kitab al-Jihad – Vol. 3/7 – No. 2479, Ahmad, Ibn Majah) which reflect the Northern border of Eretz Israel. Damascus is also indicated in Prophetic traditions as the best Headquarters for Muslims to conduct diplomacy in different timelines of eschatological events. The people of Syria are also mentioned along with People of Magreb and Egypt (Najeeb Al Sirri, kitab Al-Fitan, Nuaim Bin Hammad). Damascus is also, therefore, associated with Peace and War. Therefore, northern most tip of Syrian border with Turkey is the NORTH BORDER of Eretz Israel. This also brings us to remaining border of Eretz Israel i.e., Eastern Border. The River Euphrates runs from Turkey to Syria to Iraq.

The River Euphrates is the EASTERN BORDER of Eretz Israel.  The River Euphrates is mentioned in Prophetic traditions in context of war over mountain of gold emerging after drying of River Euphrates which potentially can refer to an equivalent of petro-dollar system or situation of extreme strategic and security benefit in economic, military and political terms. It suggests that Politics of River Nile witnessed in breakdown of talks due to differences between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt will can potentially be replicated through armed conflict and organized violence in lands of River Euphrates (Syria-Iraq-Turkey). Therefore, Politics of Rivers is also central to eschatological signs in geopolitical events. It must be determined whether any armed conflict for organized violence has been initiated near/ around River Euphrates. For example, Israel recently launched one of most deadliest attacks on Iranian assets and positions in Syria which included cities of Al-BuKamal and Deir-Ez-Zor as major targets. River Euphrates flows through these two Syrian cities before entering into Iraq through Al-BuKamal.

Israel launched one of the most lethal attack in Syria on the very night when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a speech against Iran’s assistance to Al-Qaeda. Furthermore, the Israeli attacks are still being executed. Russia is also opposing Iranian influence and presence of Iran in order to curtail role of Iranian assets and positions inside Syria by allowing Israeli to carry out attacks on Iranian forces in Syria. This also suggests that Iran will look for a new partner in global geopolitics. That new partner is China due to mutual Strategic Accord to control the route between Europe, Africa and Asia. US President Biden has announced to increase forces in Iraq which is threat to Iran which suggests that US, Russia and Israel (including other western stakeholders) seek to eliminate Iranian resources in Syria by forcing Iran to divert its assets to Iraq. Political instability in Iraq leading to armed conflict and organized violence is direct threat to Iran. Therefore, Iran will seek to assert its role in Syria-Iraq corridor. Israel has pre-empted strikes on Al-Bukamal which is strategically located at Syria-Iraq corridor where River Euphrates enters Iraq from Syria. Therefore, the contours of Politics of River Euphrates cannot be dissociated with role and presence of western powers in context of political activities Eretz Israel. This establishes ‘Politics of Rivers’ as foundation of Eretz Israel.

The eschatological events on Western, Eastern and Southern border of Eretz Israel are evident as armed conflict and organized violence surged in River Nile & Euphrates in year 2020. It is matter of time when Northern border of Eretz Israel (Amaq-Dabiq) will experience role and presence of western powers either for armed conflicts and organized violence or strategic ‘economic-political’ deals. The role and presence of western forces at Northern border of Eretz Israel located at Syria-Turkey border will pre-empt or force Turkey to heavily intervene in Iraq to assist Iran and China. Mountain of Gold potentially represent economic symbolism which possibly hints at a financial system as it seems that NEOM in Tabuk is symbolic representation of new monetary system which requires adjustment in political settings for complete implementation of Eretz Israel project (Muslim, Book 41 Hadith 6923).

Nahda dam has initiated politics of River Nile in terms of armed conflict and organised violence. Utilising Evidence-based reasoning approach, the eschatological connection of Politics of River Euphrates & Nile with Eretz Israel must also be studied. These east-west borders of Eretz are not separate from politics witnessed in Al-Ula (Southern border) and Syria-Turkey border (Amaq-Dabiq valley). Therefore, eschatological signs associated with two of the four borders have already initiated Politics of Rivers. The Politics of River Nile is in process and, Politics of River Euphrates is to initiate soon – with Tabuk at center of both. The eschatological events associated with North-East border are next in line of politics associated with Eretz Israel. Therefore, Tabuk is a sign for future eschatological-political events. It is necessary for the Civil Government and Opposition (Parliament), Military, Technocrats, Bureaucrats, Policymakers, Deep State, Establishment and all relevant stakeholders to agree on including Eschatological position in Grand National Dialogue for strengthening National Security Committee. The adequate forum for the work on such policy is Strategic Policy Planning Cell instituted in the National Security Division. This will safeguard Strategic Interests while serving and preserving National Interest of Pakistan.

In a world where MEPP & DoTc revolves around Israel, there is need for much better thought-out diplomatic, economic, foreign, defense and governance policies. Economic Diplomacy of Strategic Policy Planning Cell is part of Security Strategy of Pakistan. Experienced leadership (political, military, bureaucratic) along with all the other stakeholders must come to agreement on taking Pakistan forward which requires taking Eschatological sense into account for decision-making and effective strategic policy planning. Allah has confirmed the eschatological-political events which offers EXPLANATION through Evidence-based reasoning approach adopted by Strategic Policy Planning Cell in National Security Decision of Govt of Pakistan for policy input. SPPC must be dealt as intellectual hub. Initial case study can be studying political events by examining and identifying Prophetic traditions mentioning eschatological signs. This needs official guidance apart from independent study as recognized by Strategic Policy Planning Cell for Universities & think tanks to develop whole framework. The civil-military leadership must agree to declare Eschatology as part of SPPC Research.

It’s time all stakeholders commit to Grand National Dialogue for National Security Committee to preserve Strategic Interests and protect National Interest. The symbolic interpretationism of Eschatological signs confirmed in political events must be studied. Zamima becomes potential source; requiring military knowledge, political perspective, strategic understanding and eschatological sense. Pakistan must officially develop this field.

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