Israeli Threatens Outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Hamas slams Israeli threats to target civilians and residential areas

Friday 29th Jan 2021

HAMAS has hit out at threats by Israeli army chief Aviv Kohavi to target civilians and residential areas in any future confrontation with Gaza or Lebanon.

Spokesman Hazem Qasem condemned Israel’s “bullying techniques,” warning Israel against any plans to commit war crimes against the Palestinian or Lebanese people.

“The Israeli occupation is unable to achieve any victory in future confrontations and that’s why it plans to target civilians,“ he said.

In a lengthy speech at the Institute for National Security Studies earlier this week, Lieutenant General Kohavi indicated that the Israeli military was responsible for recent air strikes in Syria which killed scores of people, including civilians, and hinted at a major operation in Iraq.

But he said: “As much as we’ve had success, the enemy can also in the end have a success.”

He warned that international law may need to adapt to allow Israel to attack “in the way in which we must and are entitled to fight,” including by targeting civilian houses.

Mr Qasem vowed that the resistance would defend the Palestinian people against any Israeli aggression.

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