Explosion Outside the Temple Walls Reportedly Leaves 15 Injured: Revelation 11

Explosion In Northern Gaza Reportedly Leaves 15 Injured

January 23, 2021, 12:06 PM

An explosion heard in the Gaza Strip Saturday morning has reportedly left 36 people injured, according to The Times of Israel

The cause of the blast, which allegedly occurred inside the home of a Hamas operative in Beit Hanoun, remains unknown.

Injuries resulting from the blast range from light to moderate, according to local media sources, with no fatalities reported.

The Islamist terror group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, said it has opened an investigation and is combing the area for evidence.

In past incidents, explosions have been set off accidentally by members of Hamas or other terrorist organizations in the Palestinian territory while assembling or handling weapons.

In the predawn hours of Tuesday morning, the IDF launched a retaliatory strike against Palestinian terrorists after a projectile from the Gaza Strip landed in Israeli territory.

In a tweet, the Israeli military said that IDF tanks fired at Hamas positions in retaliation, although no group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The projectile launched from the coastal enclave on Monday landed in open terrain in southern Israel, causing no damage.

Sirens warning of incoming rockets were not activated as the projectile fell too far from any community to pose danger, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson said in a statement.

Israel holds Hamas, the Islamist terror group ruling over Gaza, responsible for all acts of aggression issuing from the coastal territory.

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