The Hypocrisy of Babylon the Great

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Just fine with Iran’s tweets about eliminating Israel, killing Jews?

The coldly logical British fictional detective Sherlock Holmes once famously solved a murder mystery because “the dog didn’t bark” — i.e., a highly trained guard dog didn’t bark at the time of a murder because the dog was well acquainted with the perpetrator.

Applying this same logic, the question is, why isn’t Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey  barking — i.e., self-righteously and with great publicity removing  Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei from Twitter, who has repeatedly promised he will eliminate Israel and kill all its Jewish inhabitants, all in violation of Twitter rules?  After all, Dorsey barked loudly in a series of oh, so sensitive agonizing tweets, tying himself into easily undone knots, indicating how much he cares, really cares about freedom of speech but also worries oh, so much about setting a dangerous precedent in deplatforming Donald J. Trump (R).  Monica Showalter rightly called this out as gaslighting.  But  Dorsey isn’t even quietly growling about Khamenei’s violent rhetoric displayed in multiple tweets.

Nearly six months ago, Twitter deliberately decided not only to remain silent, but to excuse its silence when Israeli government officials asked Twitter to restrict Khamenei and remove him from Twitter.  According to this New York Post report, when asked about Iran’s numerous tweeted threats to destroy Israel:

Twitter’s Vice President of Public Policy Sinéad McSweeney said the hateful screed did not violate their policies.

“World leaders use Twitter to engage in discourse with each other, as well as their constituents,” McSweeney wrote in the June 15 letter obtained by the Post.

“Presently, our policies with regards to world leaders state that direct interactions with fellow public figures, comments on current affairs, or strident statements of foreign policy on economic or military issues are generally not in violation of the Twitter Rules,” she continued.

“Our assessment is that tweets you have cited are not in violation of our policies at this time, and they fall into the category of foreign policy saber-rattling on economic or military issues of our approach to world leaders,” McSweeney wrote.

Khamenei  denies that the Shoah (Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were slaughtered) occurred; has actively engaged troops in Syria, which is on Israel’s border; and tweets about Iran’s nuclear advances, to cite a few statements, but McSweeney, vice president of Twitter’s public policy, dismisses all this as “strident statements of foreign policy” and “foreign policy saber-rattling.”


Here is McSweeney’s full doublethink letter on this that only a Twitter executive could issue.

And Dorsey’s future plots have been just revealed by Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe.

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