Planning the Next Attack Outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Next Gaza conflict will see IDF deal terror groups crushing blow’

IDF’s Gaza war scenario reportedly includes plans for massive counterterrorism operations the could see it eliminate hundreds of terrorists per day of fighting.

Israel’s defense establishment does not project an armed conflict with the Gaza Strip-based terrorist groups in the near future, but the Israeli military is gearing up for a potential flare-up that could potentially spiral out of control and plans to deal a crushing blow to Hamas in case war does erupt.

According to a report by Maariv, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi has set a goal for the fighting forces to eliminate 300 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists per day of fighting, with aim of severely disrupting enemy operations, thereby significantly decreasing the duration of combat.

The IDF has recently begun drilling various war scenarios concerning the Gaza Strip, under these objectives.

According to the report, the extreme-case-scenario options of seizing control of the enclave and toppling Hamas rule are off the table, the IDF is working under the assumption that it could achieve a clear victory against the Islamist organization.

In recent days, there have been reports of a breakthrough in negotiations between Israel and Hamas for a potential prisoner swap. But Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported Tuesday that Hamas has rejected Israel’s offer to release hundreds of security prisoners in exchange for two Israeli captives and a pair of fallen IDF soldiers held in Gaza.

The terrorist group told intermediary Egypt the proposal fell short of its demands and that it is ready to continue talks.

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