Hamas calls for unity, resistance against Israel outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Hamas calls for unity, resistance against Israel on occasion of 33 years of creation

GAZA, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) — Hamas, ruler of the Gaza Strip since 2007, called for internal unity and popular resistance against Israel on Monday as the movement marked 33 years of its creation.

Hamas would continue its efforts to achieve an internal Palestinian unity and a real partnership with all powers and factions representing the Palestinian people everywhere, it said in a press statement sent to reporters.

“As the movement marks 33 years of its creation, Hamas calls for unifying the strategy of struggle against the occupier (Israel) to confront all the challenges that the Palestinian cause is passing through,” the statement added.

The statement called on the Palestinian Authority to withdraw from the Oslo accords signed with Israel in 1993 and support the popular resistance, especially in the West Bank, to confront Israel’s annexation plan.

Hamas would cooperate with all Palestinian powers “to confront the wave of Arab normalization with Israel,” as “normalization is a betrayal to Palestine,” it said.

Hamas was founded in December 1987 by the late spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Enditem

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