Israel Prepares for Violence Outside the Temple Walls: Revelation 11

Iron Dome batteries and new airline vectors: Israel prepares for violence from Gaza

Tomorrow will mark the one-year anniversary of Israel’s elimination of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Baha Abu Ata.

A day ahead of the one-year anniversary of Israel’s targeted killing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Baha Abu Ata, Israel is preparing to counter a possible escalation in violence from the Gaza Strip. The IDF on Wednesday deployed additional Iron Dome batteries to southern Israel, and airline approach vectors have been altered.

Landing aircraft will approach Israel by a more northerly route, over the Sharon region, rather than over Tel Aviv. Departing flights will also take off in a direction farther to the north than planes usually do.

The IDF’s Gaza Division was on high alert, and ready to respond to attacks on Israel by rocket fire or explosives-laden balloons.

Last week, Israel Hayom reported that the one-year anniversary of Abu Ata’s death has been mentioned in the Gaza Strip for some time as a date for violence. Concerns about possible attacks from Gaza are also high in light of the COVID and economic crises that have pushed unemployment among Gaza residents to over 60%.

Unlike the first wave of COVID, which resulted in only a few dozen confirmed cases in Gaza, the second wave has brought thousands of cases. There are several dozen patients currently listed in serious condition in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority is not sending any money to Gaza, and Hamas has limited entry and exit to and from the area to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Moreover, Hamas is disappointed at the lack of progress on a long-term truce with Israel. Israel in conditioning progress in talks on a solution to its captive fallen soldiers and civilians, while the powers that be in Gaza are refusing to link the issues.

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