The First Nuclear War is Coming: Revelation 8

Shehryar Afridi sees nuclear war with India likely if Kashmir issue not resolved

ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said the Islamic renaissance could only save Muslims in Southeast Asia.

He was presiding over the international Kashmir Convention hosted by the World Kashmir Forum here Tuesday. Giving a graphic picture of occupied Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan questioned what would happen if a brutal force comprising 900,000 men invades any city of Pakistan.

He said there was disequilibrium in policies of India and Pakistan on Kashmir as India has invaded the Jammu and Kashmir utilising all facets of maneuvering.

He suggested a diplomatic and economic war by Pakistan and Pakistanis against India. The AJK president said it’s high time that concerted efforts were made using all communication sectors to highlight the sufferings of Kashmiris and the brutalities of Indian occupied forces in Held Kashmir.

Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Chairman Shehryar Afridi, the chief guest of the gathering, said Kashmiris were constantly giving a wake-up call to the whole world over grave human rights violations by India in occupied Kashmir. He warned, “Pakistan and India may head to nuclear war if Kashmir dispute is not amicably resolved.”

“The UN and the world need to immediately take practical steps to resolve Kashmir dispute to help avoid a nuclear war in the region where three nuclear neighbours – Pakistan, India and China are involved in border disputes,” Afridi said.

The Kashmir Committee chairman called upon the UN experts on human rights and freedom of expression to make an immediate intervention into the Indian government’s illegal transfer of 2.4 lakh kanals of land in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) to industries and commerce divisions of India. Afridi said behold as the government is devising a comprehensive strategy to tackle the fight for Kashmir cause. He said all political parties are on the same page on two issues, nuclear and Kashmir. “No one can dare compromise on these issues”.

Afridi said Kashmiris are humans and not children of lesser God, so the sole responsibility of Pakistan is to listen to the voice of oppressed ones. WKF Chairman Haji Mohammad Rafiq Pardesi said the plight of Kashmiris was giving us sleepless nights and called for responsible and prudent steps to end the miseries of Kashmiris.

He urged the world as well as the United Nations for providing self-determination as promised to Kashmiris. Pardesi condemned Modi’s illegal actions in occupied Kashmir, saying he was rightly called the “Butcher of Gujarat”. The WKF chairman urged the masses to duly sign the WKF petition they are preparing to present to the UN Security Council. The WKF chief was passionate enough to offer the Pakistan’s government that if it resolves the Kashmir and Palestine disputes along with UN amicably then there will be no harm if Pakistan officially accepts the Israel state.

Former federal secretary and WKF vice chairman Kunwar Dilshad said voice of Kashmiris cannot be suppressed and it would be underlined across the world under Prime Minister Imran Khan. He praised WKF and especially Haji Mohammad Rafiq Pardesi for holding a significant event.

Chairperson Jammu and Kashmir Solidarity Movement and Pak Kashmir Women Alliance Uzma Gul said in 15 months of siege around 11,000 Kashmiris have been martyred or mutilated by occupying Indian forces.

The Kashmiri leader said it is very depressing that the governments of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir were not doing much for Kashmir cause. She stressed rising above politics, personal benefits and not only doing lip-service but making efforts for tangible results.

Gul emphasised for pragmatic diplomatic efforts and proactive role of Kashmiri diaspora, saying independent Kashmir stance would damage the main cause. Giving suggestions, she said a movement in Azad Kashmir under UN charter would boost the morale of Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. She also lauded the newly-released Pakistan map.

Ex-ambassador and analyst Javed Hafiz said Maharaja Hari Singh signed accession instrument when he was not in control of the Kashmir state so it no longer belonged to him but Kashmiri people.

Lt-Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi (retd) said peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue is related to lasting peace in the region. “Global peace would suffer if this crisis is not dealt with deserving attention by the world powers.

Former high commissioner Abdul Basit in his address regretted the silence of the world community over miseries of Kashmiris. He felt that cul-de-sac has been reached on this lingering issue.

WKF secretary general and former attorney general of Pakistan Justice Anwar Mansoor Khan (retd) highlighted the legal and justified stance of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. He underlined breach of peace in August 2019 by India on ‘administered’ Kashmir.

He said India has violated all bilateral agreements and international conventions on Kashmir issue, but Pakistan wants peace and not war, resolving the conflict peacefully. Guests were also presented Kashmiri shawls by the WKF chairman. Event was attended by Dr Philipp Deichman – Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Germany, Ahmed Rabei – ambassador, embassy of the State of Palestine, Mthuthuzeli Madikiza – high commissioner, South Africa, and diplomat from the embassy of Turkey. The gathering concluded with a heart-warming “Dua” offered by Saylani Welfare Trust Chairman Maulana Bashir Farooqi.

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