Iran Builds Up Her Nuclear Horn: Daniel 8

Iran has begun construction at Natanz nuclear facility, show latest satellite images

Web Desk

DUBAI – Iran has begun construction at its Natanz nuclear facility, shows latest satellite images, as the UN nuclear agency confirmed that Tehran is establishing the plant to replace the previous one, which exploded in an attack last summer.

According to International Atomic Energy Agency, satellite images released today show that Tehran is building an underground advanced centrifuge assembly plant.

San Francisco-based Planet Labs in its latest images show the site cleared away with what appears to be construction equipment there.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Radio Pakistan reported.

The development comes amid presidential elections in the US where President Donald Trump, who has adopted a strict policy against Iran, and Democrats’ Joe Biden are facing off.

Joe Biden plans to scrap what he calls the dangerous failure of Donald Trump’s maximum pressure policy on Iran.

He has pledged that if Tehran resumes compliance with the pact he will return to the agreement, which Trump quit in 2018, reimposing sanctions.

In the United States, early voting has now topped 70 million, more than half of the total turnout in 2016.

According to Washington Post, ABC News polls, Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden leads Trump narrowly in Michigan and significantly in Wisconsin state.

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