Clashing in Kashmir before the first nuclear war: Revelation 8

India vs Pakistan: Clashes ignite after suspected rebels shot DEAD by police

KASHMIR has seen a huge surge of anti-Indian clashes after two suspected rebels were killed by police and troops.

By Dylan Donnelly 23:55, Mon, Oct 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 23:56, Mon, Oct 12, 2020

Pakistan forces seen launching attack in north Kashmir

Indian police and paramilitary soldiers led a counter-insurgency operation in Srinagar, Kashmir last night according to AlJazeera. The clash led to the deaths of two alleged rebels in the Indian controlled territory, but the forces enraged locals. Residents claimed Indian troops set a civilian’s house on fire during the firefight.

Indian police claimed one of two killed was a Pakistani insurgent, who was believed to have been in Kashmir since earlier this year.

The insurgent was also accused of being responsible for at least two deadly attacks on Indian paramilitary soldiers in Srinagar.

Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said to the Hindustani Times: “They were given the opportunity to surrender after evacuating all civilians. However, they fired indiscriminately.”

The police added: “The bodies of the terrorists shall be sent to Baramulla for burial after the completion of all medico-legal formalities.

“The nearest family members of the killed local terrorist shall be allowed to participate in the last rites.”

India news: Indian forces shot two rebels dead in Srinagar, Kashmir (Image: Getty)

India news: Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar claimed one of two was a Pakistani responsible for two deadly attacks on Indians (Image: Getty)

But there was no independent confirmation of India’s claims, and one house was devastated by the operation.

Three other homes, which were believed to be unused to the rebels and were occupied by residents, were also partially damaged.

After the clash ended, enraged residents threw stones at the Government forces and chanted “Go India, go back” and “We want freedom”.

In response, troops and police shot tear gas and non-lethal shotgun pellets at the locals.

India news: The forces set a peaceful resident’s house on fire in the clash (Image: Getty)

India news: Three more homes were damaged by Indian forces, sparking anti-Indian outrage in residents (Image: Getty)

Srinagar has seen around 18 alleged militants killed by Indian forces this year.

Troops and police have launched eight counter-insurgency measures against believed rebels this year.

Director General of Police Dilbagh Singh added 180 reported militants have been killed in total across Kashmir.

He said: “Whenever any militant outfit tries to establish its base in Srinagar, we successfully corner the militant with the help of our intelligence and other sources.”

Kashmir is a disputed territory bordering Pakistan and India, with control divided between the two countries.

Most Kashmiri’s are believed to support unification of the divided territory, whether as an independent country or as a Pakistani-controlled state.

India has blamed Pakistan for the unrest in the region, and said clashes were the result of “Pakistan-sponsored terrorism”.

But Pakistan denies India’s charges, and regards the unrest as a legitimate freedom struggle.

India news: India and Pakistan both hold control over the divided Kashmir (Image: Express)

India news: The clash marks the latest Indian military operation in civilian Kashmir this year (Image: Getty)

Kashmir was divided between India and Pakistan in 1947, with more than 94,000 Kashmiri’s dying in clashes with Indian authorities since then.

India and Pakistan, historically tense enemies, have seen tensions ramp up massively this year over border disputes.

India has also been clashing with China over territory, with Beijing forming close ties with Pakistan.

In June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand combat with Chinese forces in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

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